WITHDRAWN: Hotfix XS70E067 – For XenServer 7.0

This hotfix introduces an issue that prevents newer versions of XenCenter from connecting to XenServer hosts that have XS70E067 applied. As a result, the hotfix was withdrawn on Jun 7, 2019.

Important: If you have already downloaded XS70E067, do not install it on your XenServer 7.0 hosts.

If you have already installed XS70E067, you will experience the following issues:

  • XenCenter 7.1 and later does not connect to XenServer 7.0 hosts that have XS70E067 applied and reports the following error: “This pool contains servers earlier than Citrix Hypervisor 7.0. Please use an earlier version of XenCenter to manage this pool.” To work around this issue, use XenCenter 7.0.1 to connect to these hosts.
  • XenServer 7.0 hosts with XS70E067 applied cannot be upgraded to XenServer 7.1. Do not attempt to upgrade these hosts to a later version of XenServer.

Citrix is working on a hotfix to supersede XS70E067 that will include a fix for the issues introduced by XS70E067.


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