Workspace App for Windows – Your apps are not available at this time – Issue when installing Citrix Receiver in not elevated/per-user install mode

Solution 1:

Deleting/resetting the local Windows profile.

Solution 2:

If an user installs Citrix Receiver/Workspace App (not elevated/per-user install) and then uninstall it using Receiver Clean-up Utility (running as an administrator/elevated), while the regular user is still logged in and has their profile loaded.

The below is a high-level list of Receiver related entries that may be left behind in the registry, verify them and clear the registries:

  • HKCUSoftwareClasses* – File Associations and COM object registrations
  • HKCUSoftwareClassesAppID* – AppID registrations
  • HKCUSoftwareClassesApplications* – More app registrations
  • HKCUSoftwareClasses* – COM object registrations
  • HKCUSoftwareClassesCLSID* – MANY COM class object GUIDs
  • HKCUSoftwareClassesWOW6432NodeCLSID* – MANY COM class object GUIDs (32-bit)
  • HKCUSoftwareClassesInterface* – MANY interface name to interface ID mappings
  • HKCUSoftwareClassesWOW6432NodeInterface* – MANY interface name to interface ID mappings (32-bit)
  • HKCUSoftwareClassesMIMEDatabaseContent Type* – x-ica MIME types
  • HKCUSoftwareClassesPROTOCOLSFilter* – Protocol filter handlers
  • HKCUSoftwareClassesRecord*
  • HKCUSoftwareClassesTypeLib*
  • HKCUSOFTWAREMozillaPlugins* – Firefox plugin registrations
  • HKCUSoftwareMicrosoftInstallerProducts – MSI installer product codes

For reference:

You may have to clear the entries as shown in the below screenshot:


Incorrectly editing/deleting the registry may render your system inoperable – requiring the re-installation of Windows. Please take a backup of the registry key hive before editing/removing keys.


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