XA7.15 – Citrix Config Sync Service failed an import


Make sure you don’t have any orphaned SID’s in any of your Published Applications/Desktops. You can use this small PowerShell script to determine the affected resources..

Run the below powershell cmd to see which application / desktop has the SID associated.

$PublishedApps = Get-BrokerApplication | where {$_.AssociatedUserNames -like “S-1*”}

Foreach ($App in $PublishedApps)


Write-Host ” _” $app.Name “is broken”


Solution 2:

Disable and Enable Localhostcache by running the ps cmd:

To disable Local Host Cache (and enable connection leasing), enter:

Set-BrokerSite -LocalHostCacheEnabled $false -ConnectionLeasingEnabled $true

To enable Local Host Cache, enter:

Set-BrokerSite -LocalHostCacheEnabled $true -ConnectionLeasingEnabled $false

Solution 3:

To recreate LHC

> Open PowerShell on one of the DDC and enable Local Host Cache by executing following commands

asnp Citrix*

> Download PsExec tool from https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/downloads/psexec and unzip one of the DDC machine

> Get a command prompt running as Network Service using the command: PsExec.exe -i -u “nt authoritynetwork service” cmd.exe. In that command prompt, navigate to the directory C:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL Server120ToolsBinn

> Stop the Citrix High Availability Service

> Execute: “SqlLocalDB.exe stop CitrixHA”

> Execute: “SqlLocalDB.exe delete CitrixHA”

> Delete the files HADatabaseName.* and HAImportDatabase.* from C:windowsServiceProfilesNetworkService.

> Start the Citrix High Availability Service.


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