XenApp/XenDesktop 7.x: Event ID – 7 ,Source : RPM , Details : ICA Connection request denied because the current user (user name) is not the owner of the session (session ID)

and Connection error are rare/unusual conditions to be seen.


The issue happens when users are attempting to launch multiple applications (from same client and user) before the first application launch is complete. 1st application launch is required for session sharing. And since they are clicking on 2nd application before 1st one is launched, that launch is getting denied. A warning message is posted to the event log for informational purposes.


This behavior is a “By Design”.

We can suggest users to launch the 2nd application only after the 1st application is executing. In this way we will not see those informational warnings in the event viewer of the VDA.

If the first 1st application is taking a considerably long time preventing the second application to launch due to session sharing failure, then please open a support case with Citrix to investigate this further.


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