XenMobile : Control OS update policy FAQ

The Control OS Updates device policy lets you deploy the latest OS updates to supervised iOS devices. You can specify how frequently XenMobile checks the device OS and deploys updates.

​There are two options-:

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  1. Download Only

    This option will just download OS update and customer can install the update themselves by going into Upgrade section.

  2. Download and/or install

This option is for download and install both, the customer will be prompted for install now or later. if the customer selects later than based on the value defined in OS update frequency it will prompt the user after n number of days, n being the value set in OS update frequency.

OS update frequency:

This Determines how frequently XenMobile checks and updates the device OS. The default is 7 days(value can be between 1 to 365 days).

The device prompts users to install updates. The prompt is visible only after the user unlocks the device.

User Experience

Customer will receive the initial/first prompt for install now or later with 10 second window to cancel/later. In this window, if the customer doesn’t select anything it will install the upgrade, however if the customer clicks later or cancel, next time the prompt comes up again after x number of days(x being the number defined in OS update frequency).

Frequently asked question

Question: Does Control OS update policy install the updates automatically on the supervised devices?


No. The update gets downloaded to the device but doesn’t install automatically as user might be doing an important work and restarting the phone might cause loss of data. So, the policy will be in pending state till the update frequency times out and then deploys. The user will then get a prompt to install the update and countdowns for 10 seconds after which the policy again shows as pending. This policy just notifies the user but DOESNOT install the updates automatically.

Question: Is it expected for the second prompt for install to come without timer (considering the customer clicked on later on the first prompt )


As per : https://developer.apple.com/library/content/documentation/Miscellaneous/Reference/MobileDeviceManagementProtocolRef/3-MDM_Protocol/MDM_Protocol.html#//apple_ref/doc/uid/TP40017387-CH3-SW302

Only Supervised DEP-enrolled iOS devices and DEP-managed Mac computers are eligible for software update management. However, the AvailableOSUpdates query is available to non-DEP managed devices. You can check the following

The use case for this policy is Supervised vs Non-Supervised, in the sense that a Supervised Corporate DEP device should be controlled and why Apple does not allow the ability to delay the update too much. Non-Supervised devices use a different policy, because you cannot force the user to update on a non-Supervised device only download and install at their acceptance. Any timer is purely OS behavior and nothing MDM can control.


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