A connection to could not be opened. [ ] (12)

Product: Exchange
Event ID: 289
Source: MSExchangeMTA
Version: 6.5.6940.0
Component: Microsoft Exchange Message Transfer Agent
Message: A connection to <object name> could not be opened. [<value> <value> <value> <value>] (12)

This event only occurs when logging is turned on for the X.400 Service. The connector specified in the message cannot be opened. Typically, when this event occurs, a corresponding network type warning from the message transfer agent (MTA) also occurs.

User Action

Check the IP address and other settings carefully. Verify connectivity and name resolution. Use Network Monitor to capture network traces, then view these traces from Network Monitor for any network issue. The other MTA to which you are trying to connect may not be running. Examine the other logs for the reason.


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