Calendaring agent failed with error code error code while saving appointment.

Product: Exchange
Event ID: 8206
Source: EXCDO
Version: 6.5.0000.0
Message: Calendaring agent failed with error code error code while saving appointment.
The 8206 event indicates that the Free/Busy component in Exchange 2000 had a problem accessing Calendaring or Free/Busy information. This event is seen typically when the Exchange IFS Drive (also called M Drive) is being scanned by a file-level scanner. This event has several variations, with the error code in the Description section differentiating each of the variants. The error codes usually are Collaboration Data Objects (CDO) codes referring to bad data, or authentication failures, etc.. You can use the ERROR.EXE tool on the Exchange 2000 CD to get further details on the error.

  • This behavior can occur if a file level virus scanner is scanning the

    installable file system (IFS) drive (M Drive) of the Exchange 2000 server.

  • This issue can occur if the MSExchangeFBPublish key and/or its sub keys are missing from under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services in the Microsoft Windows registry.
User Action
  • Stop any virus scanner from scanning the M drive. To recover lost calendar

    entries, either restore calendar items from a backup that was made before

    the calendar items were lost, or manually re-create the calendar items.

  • Restore the correct registry settings on the computer. Please query the
    Microsoft Knowledgebase for Event ID 8206 for further details.
  • Verify that the service account (local system for a pure Exchange 2000

    topology, and the 5.5 service account for mixed topologies) has permissions to

    delete and retrieve messages in the System Attendant”s mailbox.


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