Calendaring agent failed with error code thread id while expanding recurring appointments.

Product: Exchange
Event ID: 8208
Source: EXCDO
Version: 6.5.0000.0
Message: Calendaring agent failed with error code thread id while expanding recurring appointments.
The Event 8207 indicates that the Calendaring Agent on the Exchange Server

encountered an unexpected problem while processing a recurring appointment in the Calendar folder of the mailbox. This failure can occur for a variety of reasons and the error code in the Description section of the event will indicate the underlying cause of

the failure to delete. For example, error 0xfffffa1d maps to JET_errColumnNotFound. Please use the ERROR.EXE program from the Exchange 2000 CD to get details on the error.This error is seen if there is a corruption of the Calendar items in a mailbox or if the Calendar Folder on the mailbox is not accessible due to permissions issues or if there is a corruption in the database that the mailbox is homed on. Also, if the Exchange Installable File System (IFS) Drive (also called M Drive) is being scanned by a file level Virus Scanner (or has been scanned so in the past), then this error might be seen.

User Action

Ensure you have applied the latest Exchange 2000 Service pack. Service packs

might include fixes for the EXCDO component (or other related components) and

may fix the problem.

Re-register the following DLL files using the REGSVR32.EXE program:
, Oledb32r.dll, Msdaipp.dll, Msdaurl.dll and


Check to see if any kind of File Level Antivirus Scanner is scanning the M

Drive. If so, configure the Antivirus software to exclude the M Drive (and also

the Exchange Database and log directories) from a file level scan. You may have

to reboot the server after making this change. Contact the Antivirus vendor for


If the errors persist after the above changes, then you may have to run some

maintenance utilities on the Exchange 2000 databases. Please contact Microsoft

Product Support Services before performing this action.


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