() Unexpected file system error encountered while opening the restore environment file.

Product: Exchange
Event ID: 950
Version: 6.5.7638.0
Component: Microsoft Exchange Extensible Storage Engine Backup
Message: <process name> (<process id>) Unexpected file system error <error code> encountered while opening the restore environment file.

This event indicates that a file system error occurred when Exchange Server tried to open the restore environment file. For example, this event may be generated when a file is trying to perform a write operation as part of the restore process.

User Action

The user actions required to resolve this error depend on the error code listed in the event. Examine the file system error message number for more information about the file system error. To do this, at a command prompt, type net helpmsg <file system error message number> to translate that into a more readable error.

For example, if the error is 53, the net helpmsg command will return “The network path was not found.” This should prompt you to make sure that you can access the administrative shares. You should also search the Microsoft Knowledge Base for more information about the error. In this circumstance, your search of the Microsoft Knowledge Base may return Microsoft Knowledge Base article 318755, “HOW TO: Restore Administrative Shares That Have Been Deleted” (http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=3052&kbid=318755).


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