One of the System Attendant’s task is blocked.Function:

Product: Exchange
Event ID: 1031
Source: MSExchangeSA
Version: 6.5.6940.0
Component: Microsoft Exchange System Attendant
Message: One of the System Attendant’s task is blocked.Function: <function name>

One of the Exchange System Attendant tasks has been blocked. The System Attendant has been taking too long to perform some task.

User Action

This can be caused by a variety of problems. Check for other alerts that will provide a clearer idea of the problem, such as failures in Mail Flow or MAPI logon or failure of database maintenance to run.

If this is followed by an Event ID 1032, then the task has recovered by itself. If these events occur regularly, the server is probably experiencing severe performance issues. If there is no 1032 following it, then the administrator should test different functionality of the System Attendant (recipient policies, OAB generation, mailbox cleanup) to see if any of them are not working properly.


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