ROSE error, service type out of range. Control block index [ ] (14)

Product: Exchange
Event ID: 1174
Source: MSExchangeMTA
Version: 6.5.6940.0
Component: Microsoft Exchange Message Transfer Agent
Message: ROSE error, service type out of range. Control block index <index name> [<value> <value> <value> <value>] (14)

ROSE refers to the remote operation service element. ASN.1 is an ISO/ITU data encoding standard that refers to Specification of Basic Encoding Rules for Abstract Syntax Notation One. The fully encoded ASN.1 envelope is in the Microsoft Exchange Server Application Protocol Data Unit (APDU) logs, which are binary representations of communication among message transfer agents (MTAs) in different sites, and between MTA and client applications within a site.

APDU logs are enabled when the logging levels of the X.400 service and APDU categories are both set to Medium or greater after you select MSExchangeMTA on the Diagnostics Logging tab of the Server Properties dialog box. These text logs are stored in the Mtadata directory. The current log is always named Bf0.log. Prior logs are named Bfx.log, where x increases as the age of the log increases.

User Action

For more information, on the Diagnostics Logging tab in the Server Properties dialog box, select MSExchangeMTA, and then set the logging level of the Interoperability and X.400 categories to Medium or greater.

Stop and restart the message transfer agent (MTA) service. If the error persists, run the Mtacheck.exe utility. Stop the MTA service, open a command prompt, and type Mtacheck /v /f c:\mta.txt.

If Mtacheck removes objects from a database queue, it places each damaged object in a Db*.dat file in \Exchsrvr\Mtadata\Mtacheck.out. Check your drives and verify that core *.dat files are in the \Exchsrvr\Mtadata directories. The \Exchsrvr\Mtadata directory with *.dat files may be on more than one drive. Contact Microsoft Product Support Services for assistance.


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