%1 (%2) %3The database engine could not find the entrypoint %4 in the file %5.

Product: Exchange
Event ID: 601
Source: ESE
Version: 8.0
Message: %1 (%2) %3The database engine could not find the entrypoint %4 in the file %5.

This Error event indicates that the database engine could not find the entry point into the file specified. This could happen if you are running the Exchange Server Database Utilities (Eseutil.exe) from a computer that does not have Microsoft Exchange installed, and you did not install all of the necessary files to run Eseutil.exe.

User Action

To resolve this error, do the following:

  • Make sure that you have installed Eseutil.exe correctly. For information about how to install Eseutil.exe if you are running it on a separate computer from your Exchange server, see the Microsoft Knowledge Base article 244525, How to run Eseutil on a computer without Exchange Server.

If you are having difficulty resolving the issue, contact Microsoft Product Support. For information about contacting support, visit the Contact Us page of the Microsoft Help and Support Web site.

For more information about Eseutil.exe, see Eseutil.


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