The exception {name} was caught during view processing.

Product: Exchange
Event ID: 1273
Source: MSExchangeSRS
Version: 6.0
Component: Site Replication Service
Message: The exception {name} was caught during view processing.
An error occurred during the update of Address Book views. The exception codes are as follows: E0010001 is a general exception. E0010002 is a directory service exception (normally a replication error).E0010003 is a memory exception (insufficient memory).E0010004 is a Jet database error (sometimes benign errors are logged and handled). E0010005 is a bad argument exception.E0010006 is a Lightweight Directory. Access Protocol (LDAP) exception (most are benign and correspond to a failed LDAP call).
User Action
If the exception is E0010003, close any nonessential applications to create more available memory. You may also increase your system’s physical or virtual memory. Verify that there is enough disk space for the paging file to grow. The update process will be rescheduled later.


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