The MAPI call ” failed with the following error:

Product: Exchange
Event ID: 9175
Source: MSExchangeSA
Version: 6.5.6940.0
Component: Microsoft Exchange System Attendant
Message: The MAPI call ‘<value>‘ failed with the following error:<error code>

This error can be triggered under several conditions as follows:

  • When mounting a mailbox store or public folder store.
  • When the System Attendant is trying to generate an Offline Address Book.
  • When the stores are down and the System Attendant is trying to do its routine management tasks.
  • When attempting to perform a Move Mailbox operation.
  • At the rate of 1 every minute on a clustered Exchange Server.

In essence, this message indicates that the System Attendant process has been unable to log on to the Mailbox Store or Public Store.

This event can have several causes and the ID number in the Description section of the event will be the only difference between the events. Depending on what the underlying cause of the problem is, the ID number will vary. The other ID numbers that could be seen are: 8004011d-0519-0000000, 80040111-0286-00000000, 8004011d-0289-00000000

The main causes to check for ones are as follows:

  • The Microsoft Exchange Information Store service is not running.
  • The Microsoft Exchange Information Store service is running, but one or more databases are not mounted.
  • The Read System Access Control List (SACL) of the Exchange Enterprise Group is lost.
  • The MDBDATA folder has inappropriate permissions.
  • The System Attendant service is running with a different user account than “Local System”.
  • The Default Public Store attribute on an Exchange 2000 server points to an Exchange 5.5 server public store in another domain.
  • The System Mailbox object that is created for this mailbox store exists in the Microsoft Exchange System Objects container
User Action

Although the proper resolution will be determined by the ID number that is indicated in the event, you can try the following actions:

  • Verify that the Microsoft Exchange Information Store service is running.
  • Make sure that the default mailbox store is mounted.
  • Run setup /domainprep.
  • Verify the permissions on the MDBDATA folder.
  • Change the properties of the System Attendant service so that it runs in the context of the Local System Account.


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