Unable to generate the e-mail address. Unable to load address module ” for address type ”. Error .

Product: Exchange
Event ID: 2027
Source: MSExchangeSA
Version: 6.5.6940.0
Component: Microsoft Exchange System Attendant
Message: Unable to generate the e-mail address. Unable to load address module ‘<DLL name>‘ for address type ‘<address type>‘. Error <error code>.

This event indicates that the System Attendant was unable to generate an email address that was defined in the Recipient Policy because the mentioned third-party DLL file was not accessible.

  • This issue can occur because of an invalid or third-party e-mail address

    generator. When the System Attendant starts, it attempts to load an address

    generation dynamic-link library (DLL) file for each address type that the

    Recipient Update Service is responsible for stamping. If the System Attendant

    is unable to load the DLL for any address type, the Recipient Update Service

    fails to stamp any e-mail addresses and the 2027 event is logged.

  • This issue can also occur if the third party DLL file is present but the

    SYSTEM Account does not have full control rights to it.

User Action
  • Create the folder structure mentioned in the 2027 event and place the

    third-party DLL file in that directory. Update the Recipient Update Service.

  • Give the SYSTEM Account Full Control rights to the EXCHSRVR directory and

    all sub-directories.


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