Unable to transfer or deliver message , object . Object is a (priority = ). Message ID: . [ ] (14)

Product: Exchange
Event ID: 276
Source: MSExchangeMTA
Version: 6.5.6940.0
Component: Microsoft Exchange Message Transfer Agent
Message: Unable to transfer or deliver message <object name>, object <object name>. Object is a <object name> (priority = <value>). Message ID: <message id>. [<value> <value> <value> <value>] (14)

The message transfer agent (MTA) encountered an internal processing error while processing a message or report object. This indicates a logic error or database integrity failure.

User Action

To help Microsoft Product Support Services determine the problem, create log files. For more information, see Microsoft Knowledge Base articles 163032 and 168906.

To create Ap*.log files, in the Diagnostics Logging tab of the Server Properties dialog box, select MSExchangeMTA and set the logging level of the Interoperability and Interface categories to Maximum. To create Bf*.log files, set the logging level of the APDU and X.400 Service categories to Maximum. Save all MTA log files (mtadata\*.log), Event Viewer output, and database files. Contact Microsoft Product Support Services.

You can enable text event log files (Ev*.log) by modifying the Registry. Contact Microsoft Product Support Services for assistance.


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