3374462: Configure crashkernel memory for kernel core dump analysis

This will make kdump act in a manner similar to the older netdump mechanism: the capture environment will go up to runlevel 3 (where network connectivity is enabled) and will use the secure copy command scp to transfer the kernel core dump to a separate system.

2. for SLES11

add the network device to be used to the variable: KDUMP_NETCONFIG in /etc/sysconfig/kdump.

In order to automatically set up a network device, pass the option “auto”. This is also the default.

For a custom setup, pass a string that contains the network device and the mode (dhcp,static), separated by

a colon, for example: “eth0:static” or “eth1:dhcp”.

If you use “static”, you have to set the IP address with ip=ipspec. ipspec is <client>:<server>:<gateway>:<netmask>:<hostname>:<device>:<proto>

as boot parameter. See mkinitrd(8) for details.

Pass the dumping method and the destination directory to the parameter: KDUMP_SAVEDIR in /etc/sysconfig/kdump

Supported methods are:

FTP, for example “ftp://user:password@host/var/log/dump”

SSH, for example “ssh://user:password@host/var/log/dump”

NFS, for example “nfs://server/export/var/log/dump”

CIFS (SMB) , for example “cifs://user:password@host/share/var/log/dump”

See also: kdump(5) which contains an exact specification for the URL format.


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