7012610: SUSE Manager Master TID

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SUSE Manager 3

SUSE Manager 2.1

SUSE Manager 1.7

SUSE Manager 1.2


This is a collection of available TIDs and documentation about SUSE Manager known issues and its usage.


On-line documentation


Technical Information Documents

TID 7021393 – Creating Child Channel for Red Hat Base Media in SUSE Manager 3.1

TID 7018748 – Command “zypper ref” returns an HTTP 400 error in SUSE Manager 3.0 client

TID 7019020 – SUSE Manager schema-upgrade to susemanager-schema-3.0.19-21.2 fails after maintenance update

TID 7018625 – /var/log/cobbler/tasks occupies high amount of disk space

TID 7018395 – SUSE Manager 2.1 mgr-sync refresh returns a 500 Internal Server Error

TID 7018123 – Steps to Create a Salt SUSE Manager Client

TID 7018018 – Bootstrap fails with ImportError: cannot import name idn_pune_to_unicode

TID 7017994 – Attempt to bootstrap a client to a SUSE Manager 3 Server returns “Internal Server Error”

TID 7017746 – smdba space-overview reporting >100% Use

TID 7017577 – Steps to Create a SUSE Manager Client

TID 7017307 – SUSE Manager client bootstrap fails with checksum error for python-six package

TID 7017278 – Autoinstallation of a SLES/SLED 12 SP1 fails in SUSE Manager with “unknown module cobbler” error

TID 7017147 – zypper commands return “SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate” on a SLES 12 SUSE Manager Client

TID 7016303 – Registering a SLES 10 SP2 server with SUSE Manager

TID 7016161 – SUMA 2.1 Migration to SCC Can Result in Duplicate Product_ids

TID 7016022 – Migrating a SUSE Manager 2.1 Server with an oracle db to SCC results in an unhandled internal exception: null error

TID 7015878 – jabberd initialization fails with “db: couldn’t open environment: Resource temporarily unavailable”

TID 7015781 – SUSE Manager Postgresql DB backup produces an increasing number of backup files

TID 7015751 – spacewalk-schema-upgrade fails during migration from SUSE Manager 1.7 to 2.1

TID 7015466 – Dependency failure when upgrading to rhnlib- on a client managed by SUSE Manager

TID 7015465 – Unexpected Error occurs when clicking on the SUSE Products tab in the SUSE Manager webUI

TID 7015464 – API calls fail to execute after online update to spacecmd-

TID 7015427 – Service osa-dispatcher fails to load when starting SUSE Manager in a restored environment

TID 7015415 – Wagon upgrade: “This system is managed by SUSE Manager. YaST wagon module cannot migrate systems managed by SUSE Manager

TID 7015412 – rhnpush stops with Packahe Upload Failed error code 55

TID 7015362 – SUMA imported channel (inter-server sync) cannot be used for SP-Migration

TID 7015286 – logfile rhn_web_api.log not rotated

TID 7015067 – How to sync SUSE Manager via SMT

TID 7015050 – SUSE Manager 1.7 disk space requirements

TID 7015063 – mgr-ssh-push-init fails with generic connection error if remote ssh host key has changed

TID 7015059 – SUSE MANAGER mgr-ncc-sync fails with “Couldnt resolve proxy ‘http'”

TID 7015040 – SUSE manager system overview shows different naming schemes for hostnames

TID 7014990 – configure-proxy.sh fails on SUSE Manager Proxy with NPBootstrap error

TID 7014956 – Bootstrapping full virtualized client prints libvirt: XML-RPC error

TID 7014931 – mgr-ncc-sync -l returns empty data

TID 7014921 – Error when performing a “spacewalk-service status” or “rcjabberd status”

TID 7014814 – Necessary changes in SUSE Manager to point to a different external Oracle database

TID 7014570 – Unable to run Service Pack Migration for SLED 11 SP2 with cloned channels

TID 7014341 – SUSE Manager clients have seen slowness during patching

TID 7014178 – SUSE Manager system entitlements not matching Novell Customer Center subscriptions

TID 7014066 – SSH pub key of nocpulse not available in SUSE Manager WebUI

TID 7014059 – SUSE Manager channel sync problems

TID 7014024 – SUSE Manager webinterface shows internal server error after applying online updates

TID 7014012 – osad unable to connect to jabber servers

TID 7004532 – Scheduling Service Pack migration on SUSE manager fails with internal server error

TID 7011819 – Client fails to register with SUSE Manager

TID 7013366 – How to clean up an accidental bootstrap run on SUSE Manager

TID 7013242 – How to unregister SUSE Manager Client

TID 7013245 – mgr-ncc-sync hangs on command line or fails to sync channels in SSH Push enabled environments

TID 7012889 – Unable to remove System Profiles via GUI or Command Line

TID 7012639 – spacewalk-clone-by-date quits with AttributeError: DepSolver instance has no attribute ‘_override_sigchecks’

TID 7012650 – spacewalk-clone-by-date quits with AttributeError: ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘date’

TID 7012623 – JAVA core dumps occupy disk space in /usr/sbin

TID 7012621 – mgr-register-bunch single run fails with scheduling service appears down

TID 7012610 – SUSE Manager Master TID

TID 7012605 – Activation Key Config Auto-Deploy fails during bootstrap

TID 7012598 – Taskomatic reports out of JAVA heap space

TID 7012597 – ssh push to client fails with query did not return a unique result

TID 7012512 – SUSE Manager taskomatic reports “ORA-00979: not a GROUP_BY expression”

TID 7012490 – New product channels not available in SUSE Manager

TID 7012485 – SUSE Manager UI display Internal Server Error

TID 7012366 – SUSE Manager client fails to complete scheduled package installation

TID 7012170 – A registered client system disappeared from SUSE Manager

TID 7011819 – Client fails to register with SUSE Manager

TID 7011749 – Install update package in a custom repo using a Manager/Proxy setup

TID 7011670 – How to assign Long Term Service Pack repositories to installed systems

TID 7011633 – SUSE Manager 1.7 client shows “Service network is missed in runlevel 4 to use service rhnsd” when insserv command is run

TID 7010991 – 504 Gateway timeout when executing smt-ncc-sync

TID 7010797 – How to upgrade SUSE Manager 1.2 to version 1.7

TID 7010526 – Synchronization with spacewalk-repo-sync works, but not with mgr-ncc-sync

TID 7010351 – Leap second issues – June 30, 2012

TID 7005356 – SUSE Manager client registration of a SLES10SP4 fails with Internal Server Error

TID 701920 – SUSE Manager schema-upgrade to susemanager-schema-3.0.19-21.2 fails after maintenance update

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