7015920: List of SSPR Error Codes

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Self Service Password Reset

NetIQ SSPR 3.x


List of Error Codes for SSPR


Key Resource Key Message
4001 PASSWORD_MISSING_CONFIRM Password_MissingConfirm Password meets requirements, please type confirmation password
4002 PASSWORD_MISSING Password_Missing Password missing
4003 PASSWORD_DOESNOTMATCH Password_DoesNotMatch Passwords do not match
4004 PASSWORD_PREVIOUSLYUSED Password_PreviouslyUsed New password has been used previously
4005 PASSWORD_BADOLDPASSWORD Password_BadOldPassword The old password is not correct
4006 PASSWORD_BADPASSWORD Password_BadPassword New password does not meet rule requirements
4007 PASSWORD_TOO_SHORT Password_TooShort New password is too short
4008 PASSWORD_TOO_LONG Password_TooLong New password is too long
4009 PASSWORD_NOT_ENOUGH_NUM Password_NotEnoughNum New password does not have enough numbers
4010 PASSWORD_NOT_ENOUGH_ALPHA Password_NotEnoughAlpha New password does not have enough letters
4011 PASSWORD_NOT_ENOUGH_SPECIAL Password_NotEnoughSpecial New password does not have enough symbol (non alpha-numeric) characters
4012 PASSWORD_NOT_ENOUGH_LOWER Password_NotEnoughLower New password does not have enough lower case letters
4013 PASSWORD_NOT_ENOUGH_UPPER Password_NotEnoughUpper New password does not have enough upper case letters
4014 PASSWORD_NOT_ENOUGH_UNIQUE Password_NotEnoughUnique New password does not have enough unique characters
4015 PASSWORD_TOO_MANY_REPEAT Password_TooManyRepeat New password has too many repeating characters
4016 PASSWORD_TOO_MANY_NUMERIC Password_TooManyNumeric New password has too many numbers
4017 PASSWORD_TOO_MANY_ALPHA Password_TooManyAlpha New password has too many letters
4018 PASSWORD_TOO_MANY_LOWER Password_TooManyLower New password has too many lower case letters
4019 PASSWORD_TOO_MANY_UPPER Password_TooManyUpper New password has too many upper case letters
4020 PASSWORD_FIRST_IS_NUMERIC Password_FirstIsNumeric The first character must not be numeric
4021 PASSWORD_LAST_IS_NUMERIC Password_LastIsNumeric The last character must not be numeric
4022 PASSWORD_FIRST_IS_SPECIAL Password_FirstIsSpecial The first character must not be a symbol (non alpha-numeric) character
4023 PASSWORD_LAST_IS_SPECIAL Password_LastIsSpecial The last character must not be a symbol (non alpha-numeric) character
4024 PASSWORD_TOO_MANY_SPECIAL Password_TooManyNonAlphaSpecial New password has too many symbol (non alpha-numeric) characters
4025 PASSWORD_INVALID_CHAR Password_InvalidChar New password has an invalid character
4026 PASSWORD_REQUIREDMISSING Password_RequiredMissing New password is missing a required character
4027 PASSWORD_INWORDLIST Password_InWordlist New password is too common
4028 PASSWORD_SAMEASOLD Password_SameAsOld New password is the same as the current password
4029 PASSWORD_SAMEASATTR Password_SameAsAttr New password is too obvious; password includes disallowed attribute
4030 PASSWORD_MEETS_RULES Password_MeetsRules New password accepted, please click change password
4031 PASSWORD_TOO_MANY_OLD_CHARS Password_TooManyOldChars New password contains too many characters from your old password
4032 PASSWORD_HISTORY_FULL Password_HistoryFull New password history is full
4033 PASSWORD_TOO_SOON Password_TooSoon Not enough time has passed since last password change
4034 PASSWORD_USING_DISALLOWED_VALUE Password_UsingDisallowedValue New password is using a value that is not allowed
4035 PASSWORD_TOO_WEAK Password_TooWeak Password is too weak. Try adding more numbers, symbols or mixed case letters.
4036 PASSWORD_TOO_MANY_NON_ALPHA Password_TooManyNonAlpha New password has too many non-letter characters
4037 PASSWORD_NOT_ENOUGH_NON_ALPHA Password_NotEnoughNonAlpha New password does not have enough non-letter characters
4038 PASSWORD_UNKNOWN_VALIDATION Password_UnknownValidation New password does not meet requirements. Please try using a different password.
4039 PASSWORD_NEW_PASSWORD_REQUIRED Password_NewPasswordRequired A new password is required before you may continue.
4040 PASSWORD_EXPIRED Password_Expired The password is expired.
4041 PASSWORD_CUSTOM_ERROR Password_CustomError New password does not meet rule requirements
4042 PASSWORD_NOT_ENOUGH_GROUPS Password_NotEnoughGroups New password does not contain enough different types of characters
5001 ERROR_WRONGPASSWORD Error_WrongPassword The username or password is not valid. Please try again.
5002 ERROR_INCORRECT_RESPONSE Error_WrongResponse One or more responses are not correct. Please try again.
5003 ERROR_USERAUTHENTICATED Error_UserAuthenticated You are already authenticated.
5004 ERROR_AUTHENTICATION_REQUIRED Error_AuthenticationRequired Authentication required.
5006 ERROR_RESPONSES_NORESPONSES Error_Response_NoResponse The username is not valid or is not eligible to use this feature
5007 ERROR_RESPONSE_WORDLIST Error_Response_Wordlist The response for question “%1%” is too commonly used
5008 ERROR_RESPONSE_TOO_SHORT Error_Response_TooShort The response for question “%1%” is too short
5009 ERROR_RESPONSE_TOO_LONG Error_Response_TooLong The response for question “%1%” is too long
5010 ERROR_RESPONSE_DUPLICATE Error_Response_Duplicate The response for question “%1%” can not be the same as another response
5011 ERROR_CHALLENGE_DUPLICATE Error_Challenge_Duplicate Each question must be unique.
5012 ERROR_MISSING_CHALLENGE_TEXT Error_Missing_Challenge_Text Missing text for a user supplied question
5013 ERROR_MISSING_PARAMETER Error_MissingParameter A required parameter is missing.
5015 ERROR_UNKNOWN Error_Unknown An error has occurred. If this error occurs repeatedly please contact your helpdesk.
5016 ERROR_CANT_MATCH_USER Error_CantMatchUser Unable to find username. Please try again.
5017 ERROR_DIRECTORY_UNAVAILABLE Error_DirectoryUnavailable Directory unavailable. If this error occurs repeatedly please contact your helpdesk.
5018 ERROR_ACTIVATION_VALIDATION_FAILED Error_ActivationValidationFailed One or more values are not correct.
5019 ERROR_SERVICE_NOT_AVAILABLE Error_ServiceNotAvailable Service is not enabled.
5020 ERROR_USER_MISMATCH Error_UserMisMatch Authentication error, please close your browser.
5021 ERROR_ACTIVATE_USER_NO_QUERY_MATCH Error_ActivateUserNoQueryMatch Your user account is not eligible for activation.
5022 ERROR_NO_CHALLENGES Error_NoChallenges No challenges have been configured.
5023 ERROR_INTRUDER_USER Error_UserIntruder Maximum login attempts for your userID have been exceeded. Try again later.
5024 ERROR_INTRUDER_ADDRESS Error_AddressIntruder Maximum login attempts have been exceeded. Try again later.
5025 ERROR_INTRUDER_SESSION Error_SessionIntruder Maximum login attempts for this session have been exceeded. Try again later.
5026 ERROR_BAD_SESSION_PASSWORD Error_BadSessionPassword Unable to establish session password.
5027 ERROR_UNAUTHORIZED Error_Unauthorized You do not have permission to perform the requested action.
5028 ERROR_BAD_SESSION Error_BadSession Unable to establish a session with your browser. Please close your browser and try again.
5029 ERROR_MISSING_REQUIRED_RESPONSE Error_MissingRequiredResponse Please type all of the required responses.
5030 ERROR_MISSING_RANDOM_RESPONSE Error_MissingRandomResponse Please add an additional random response.
5031 ERROR_BAD_CAPTCHA_RESPONSE Error_BadCaptchaResponse Incorrect verification code, please try again.
5032 ERROR_CAPTCHA_API_ERROR Error_CaptchaAPIError An error occurred while validating captcha response. Please close your browser and try again. If this error occurs repeatedly contact your helpdesk.
5033 ERROR_INVALID_CONFIG Error_InvalidConfig The configuration is invalid or corrupt. Please correct the error, or remove the configuration file.
5034 ERROR_INVALID_FORMID Error_InvalidFormID Your browser session is invalid or has expired. Please close your browser and then try again.
5035 ERROR_INCORRECT_REQUEST_SEQUENCE Error_IncorrectRequestSequence An out of order page request has been received. Please try again.
5036 ERROR_TOKEN_MISSING_CONTACT Error_TokenMissingContact There is no contact information available for your account. Please contact your administrator.
5037 ERROR_TOKEN_INCORRECT Error_TokenIncorrect Incorrect code, please try again.
5038 ERROR_BAD_CURRENT_PASSWORD Error_BadCurrentPassword Current password is incorrect, please try again.
5039 ERROR_CLOSING Error_Closing The operation can not complete because the application is shutting down.
5040 ERROR_MISSING_GUID Error_Missing_GUID Unable to locate a GUID for user. Please contact your administrator.
5041 ERROR_TOKEN_EXPIRED Error_TokenExpired The token you have entered is expired and is no longer valid. Please try again.
5042 ERROR_MULTI_USERNAME Error_Multi_Username Multiple users match the given username “%1%”. Please refine your search.
5043 ERROR_ORIG_ADMIN_ONLY Error_Orig_Admin_Only Only the original administrator can perform this property
5044 ERROR_SECURE_REQUEST_REQUIRED Error_SecureRequestRequired Non-secure (HTTP) connections are not permitted to this system. Please try again using a secure (HTTPS) connection.
5045 ERROR_WRITING_RESPONSES Error_Writing_Responses An error occurred during the save of your response questions. Please contact your administrator.
5046 ERROR_UNLOCK_FAILURE Error_Unlock_Failure An error occurred while unlocking your account. Please contact your administrator.
5047 ERROR_UPDATE_ATTRS_FAILURE Error_Update_Attrs_Failure An error occurred while saving your profile information. Please contact your administrator.
5048 ERROR_ACTIVATION_FAILURE Error_Activation_Failure An error occurred while activating your account. Please contact your administrator.
5049 ERROR_NEW_USER_FAILURE Error_NewUser_Failure An error occurred while creating your new user account. Please contact your administrator.
5050 ERROR_ACTIVATION Error_Activation Unable to activate your account using the information you have provided. Please try again.
5051 ERROR_DB_UNAVAILABLE Error_DB_Unavailable Database Unavailable. If this error occurs repeatedly please contact your help desk.
5052 ERROR_LOCALDB_UNAVAILABLE Error_LocalDB_Unavailable LocalDB Unavailable. Please contact your administrator.
5053 ERROR_APP_UNAVAILABLE Error_App_Unavailable The application is unavailable or is restarting. If this error occurs repeatedly please contact your help desk.
5054 ERROR_UNREACHABLE_CLOUD_SERVICE Error_UnreachableCloudService Cloud Service was unreachable.
5055 ERROR_INVALID_SECURITY_KEY Error_InvalidSecurityKey Security Key is missing or invalid.
5056 ERROR_CLEARING_RESPONSES Error_Clearing_Responses An error occurred during the clearing of the response questions. Please contact your administrator.
5057 ERROR_SERVICE_UNREACHABLE Error_ServiceUnreachable A required service is unavailable. Please try again later.
5058 ERROR_CHALLENGE_IN_RESPONSE Error_ChallengeInResponse The response for question “%1%” cannot contain part of the question text.
5059 ERROR_CERTIFICATE_ERROR Error_CertificateError A certificate error has been encountered: %1%.
5060 ERROR_SYSLOG_WRITE_ERROR Error_SyslogWriteError A problem writing to the syslog server has been encountered, error: %1%
5061 ERROR_TOO_MANY_THREADS Error_TooManyThreads Maximum thread count limit exceeded, please try again later
5062 ERROR_PASSWORD_REQUIRED Error_PasswordRequired A password is required to perform this operation
5063 ERROR_SECURITY_VIOLATION Error_SecurityViolation A security violation has occurred. Please try again later.
5064 ERROR_TRIAL_VIOLATION Error_TrialViolation Trial limits have been exceeded.
5065 ERROR_ACCOUNT_DISABLED Error_AccountDisabled Account is disabled.
5066 ERROR_ACCOUNT_EXPIRED Error_AccountExpired Account is expired.
5064 ERROR_NO_OTP_CONFIGURATION Error_NoOtpConfiguration No one-time password has been configured.
5065 ERROR_INCORRECT_OTP_TOKEN Error_WrongOtpToken Incorrect one-time password.
5066 ERROR_WRITING_OTP_SECRET Error_Writing_Otp_Secret An error occurred during the save of your OTP secret. Please contact your administrator.
5067 ERROR_INTRUDER_ATTR_SEARCH Error_AttrIntruder Maximum search attempts have been exceeded. Try again later.
5068 ERROR_AUDIT_WRITE Error_AuditWrite Unable to write audit record.
5069 ERROR_INTRUDER_LDAP Error_LdapIntruder Maximum login attempts for your userID have been exceeded. Try again later.
5070 ERROR_NO_LDAP_CONNECTION Error_NoLdapConnection A connection to the required directory is not available.
5071 ERROR_OAUTH_ERROR Error_OAuthError An error using the OAuth authentication protocol has occurred. Please try again later.
5072 ERROR_REPORTING_ERROR Error_ReportingError An error during report generation occurred
5073 ERROR_INTRUDER_TOKEN_DEST Error_TokenDestIntruder Maximum attempts have been exceeded. Try again later.
5074 ERROR_OTP_RECOVERY_USED Error_OtpRecoveryUsed The recovery could has been previously used and cannot be used again.
5075 ERROR_REDIRECT_ILLEGAL Error_RedirectIllegal The requested redirect url is not permitted.
5076 ERROR_CRYPT_ERROR Error_CryptError An unexpected cryptography error has occurred.
5078 ERROR_SMS_SEND_ERROR Error_SmsSendError Unable to send sms message: %1%
5100 ERROR_FIELD_REQUIRED Error_FieldRequired %1% is required
5101 ERROR_FIELD_NOT_A_NUMBER Error_FieldNotANumber %1% must be a number
5102 ERROR_FIELD_INVALID_EMAIL Error_FieldInvalidEmail %1% is not a valid email address
5103 ERROR_FIELD_TOO_SHORT Error_FieldTooShort %1% is too short
5104 ERROR_FIELD_TOO_LONG Error_FieldTooLong %1% is too long
5105 ERROR_FIELD_DUPLICATE Error_FieldDuplicate %1% is already used, please use a different value
5106 ERROR_FIELD_BAD_CONFIRM Error_FieldBadConfirm %1% fields do not match
5107 ERROR_FIELD_REGEX_NOMATCH Error_FieldRegexNoMatch %1% is not the correct format
5200 CONFIG_UPLOAD_SUCCESS Error_ConfigUploadSuccess File uploaded successfully
5201 CONFIG_UPLOAD_FAILURE Error_ConfigUploadFailure File failed to upload.
5202 CONFIG_SAVE_SUCCESS Error_ConfigSaveSuccess Configuration saved successfully. Application restart has been requested. The application may be unavailable while restarting. If the restart request fails you may need to restart the application server manually.
5203 CONFIG_FORMAT_ERROR Error_ConfigFormatError Configuration format error.
5204 CONFIG_LDAP_FAILURE Error_ConfigLdapFailure Unable to connect to LDAP directory server.
5205 CONFIG_LDAP_SUCCESS Error_ConfigLdapSuccess Successfully connected to LDAP directory server
5300 ERROR_HTTP_404 Error_HTTP_404 The page you requested could not be found.


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