7016626: How to register SLES 12 using the SUSEConnect command line tool

SLES12:~ # SUSEConnect -help

Usage: SUSEConnect [options]

Register SUSE Linux Enterprise installations with the SUSE Customer Center.

Registration allows access to software repositories including updates,

and allows online management of subscriptions and organizations

Manage subscriptions at https://scc.suse.com

-p, –product [PRODUCT] Activate PRODUCT. Defaults to the base SUSE Linux

Enterprise product on this system.

Product identifiers can be obtained with ‘zypper products’

Format: <internal name>/<version>/<architecture>

-r, –regcode [REGCODE] Subscription registration code for the

product to be registered.

Relates that product to the specified subscription,

and enables software repositories for that product

–instance-data [path to file]

Path to the XML file holding the public key and instance data

for cloud registration with SMT

-e, –email <email> email address for product registration

–url [URL] URL of registration server (e.g. https://scc.suse.com).

Implies –write-config so that subsequent invocations use the same registration server.

-s, –status get current system registration status in json format

–status-text get current system registration status in text format

–write-config write options to config file at /etc/SUSEConnect

Common options:

–root [PATH] Path to the root folder, uses the same parameter for zypper.

–version print program version

–debug provide debug output

-h, –help show this message


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