7019483: How To Manually mount a Windows Server From Reload

The default protocol for mounting a Windows server is CIFS. Go through the following steps to create a mount;

1) Create a share on the Windows server with correct rights

2) Create a temporary directory under the /mnt directory. In this example we will use ‘temp’ (/mnt/temp). This is where a mount will be created for the remote file system.

– mkdir /mnt/temp

3) Create a mount to the remote file system. This is done using the “mount” command.

– mount -t cifs -o username=<windows user>,password=<password> //<ip of remote server/share directory> /<path to local directory>

example: mount -t cfis -o username=administrator,password=gwavaadmin // /mnt/temp

4) Change directory to the newly mounted directory, this should look like the root of the post office directory.

example: cd /mnt/temp


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