7019889: ZENworks Diagnostic Probe Replacement

Go to the latest System update that matches current installed zoneversion.

Download novell-zenworks-probe.11.4.1.msi

Extract novell-zenworks-probe.11.4.1.msi

Open ZCC > Diagnostics and update the zenworks-probe.war

Example v11.4.1 Zone

Locate the file for extraction


Copy novell-zenworks-probe.11.4.1.msi to c:Probe

Extract the .war file

Open Command Prompt (Run as Administrator)

Change directory to C:Probe

msiexec.exe /a novell-zenworks-probe.11.4.1.msi /qb TARGETDIR=<DirLocation>

Deploy the Probe to the ZENworks Primary

Log into ZCC on the Primary server needing the Probe

Open ZCC > Diagnostics

Select Deploy Probe at the top of the ZCC Diagnosticspage

Select Choose File and navigate to the extractedzenworks-probe.war file.

When completed ZCC should report Success: Successfullydeployed Probe on this server.


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