7020650: Restoring a Retain System From Backup

1. Reinstall the version of Retain that you are currently using.

a. If your Retain Server uses MySQL on the Retain server which we are assuming failed, and is being rebuilt, then make sure to install MySQL. Make sure to install the version of MySQL that was originally installed on the Retain server. So for example, if you were using MySQL 5.5, don’t install MySQL 5.6, install MySQL 5.5.

b. Do not start Retain as of yet, you need to first get all of the components in place.

c. Run the command to stop Retain, for example: rcretain-tomcat7 stop

2. Copy the latest ASConfig.cfg file from the Reload for Retain backup to the proper path for the ASConfig.cfg based upon the platform. For example, on a SUSE Linux server, the path is:



cp /reload/retain/backups/168-thu_jun_16_2016/base_data/ASConfig.cfg /opt/beginfinite/retain/RetainServer/WEB-INF/cfg

3. Copy the Base Data to whatever path is specified in the ASConfig.cfg file in the basePath line of the ASConfig.cfg file.

4. If your Retain database is in a MySQL Dump file, undump the file in the following manner:

a. Reload for Retain backs up the MySQL Dump file into a gzip file

b. Unzip the gzipped file in the following manner: gzip -d [mysql dump gzip file]

c. Import the Retain database in the following manner:

mysql -u root -p retain < [path to dump file][dump filename]

d. Get into the MySQL client and grant privledges to the Retain database to the Retain user specified in the ASConfig.cfg file:


mysql -u root retain -p

GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON retain.* TO ‘retain’@’localhost’ IDENTIFIED BY ‘supersecretpassword’;

5. Retain Archive Files should be placed where the ASConfig.cfg file indicates that Archive Files are kept.

If you have additional Retain Archive partitions, make sure to place the contents of those Archive partitions in exactly the same location as specified in the Storage Manager panel. See the figure below.


6. Indexes should be placed in the location indicated in the ASConfig.cfg file.

NOTE: If you did not back up the Retain Indexes, they can be rebuilt. The Retain Indexes rebuild process can take quite a while. To rebuild the Retain Indexes, you must start the Retain Server.

Once all of the Retain data is in place, make sure to start the Retain Server. Log into the Retain Server and do a search and open up some old and new messages to confirm that everything is intact.


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