7020912: multpath system unable to boot after installing dracut-037-98.2.x86_64

Ensure the initrd is built with the required dm-multipath modules.

The file /etc/dracut.conf.d/10-mp.conf should exist _before_ the updates are applied to avoid the issue.

This is mentioned in the Section 15.11.2 “Enabling Multipath I/O for an Existing Root Device” in the Storage Admin Guide.

If updates were applied without the required file then you can do the following in the Emergency Shell:

 'dracut --add multipath'

in order to create a multipath-enabled initrd and try booting again.

Or backrev the versions to:




This will return to normal booting condition where you can do the following to ensure proper boot after updates:

1. Create the required /etc/dracut.conf.d/10-mp.conf file by entering:

echo ‘force_drivers+=”dm-multipath”‘ >/etc/dracut.conf.d/10-mp.conf

2. Apply updates with ‘zypper patch’

3. Verify that you see rd.driver.pre=dm_multipath in the “Stored Kernel Commandline” of the mkinitrd log.

The mkinitrd will be the last in the process of patching and will be on the screen when zypper finishes.

Example snip of a good initrd build:

I: Stored kernel commandline:

I: rd.driver.pre=dm_multipath

I: rd.lvm.lv=vg_alfsd2p1/lv_swap


I: rd.driver.pre=scsi_dh_alua rd.driver.pre=scsi_dh_emc rd.driver.pre=scsi_dh_rdac

Ensure that rd.driver.pre=dm_multipath is present in the initrd build before attempting to reboot.


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