7020980: Using multiple devices within a logical storage pool

Creating a logical storage pool in the Virtual Machine Manager only allows for one physical device in the LVM volume group.

kvm_host:~ # virsh pool-define-as eng logical – – ‘/dev/sda6;/dev/sda7’ vg /dev/vg

Pool eng defined

kvm_host:~ # virsh pool-build eng

error: Failed to build pool eng

error: cannot open device ‘/dev/sda6;/dev/sda7’: No such file or directory

Multiple devices have been specified with the following delimiters resulting in the same error: No such file or directory.



‘/dev/sda6 /dev/sda7’


When attempting to create a logical volume with more than one device, similar error dialogs are observed:

From virt-manager, selct Edit > Connection Details > Storage > “+”

Name: lvm-pool, Type: logical: LVM Volume Group > Forward

Target Path: /dev/vg00, Source Path: /dev/sda5,/dev/sda6, Build Pool: Checked

The following error is observed:

“Error creating pool: Could not build storage pool: cannot open device ‘/dev/sda5,/dev/sda6’: No such file or directory”


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