7021024: Illegal ds nameNetIQ eDirectory Server configuration failed when adding server into the tree

The following error message appears when adding the server into the tree using the command line:

ndsconfig new -a ‘cn=admin,ou=services’ -t TREENAME -n ‘ou=eng,ou=rr,ou=com,o=services’

Configuring the NDAP interfaces…

The following are the IP addresses bound to this host.

Please indicate your choice for NCP/HTTP/HTTPS listeners at the prompt.



[3] All

Select IP address from 1 – 2.

To select more than one IP address, separate the selections with a comma(,): 1


Configuring the HTTP interfaces… Done

Configuring the LDAP interfaces… Done


Starting the service ‘ndsd’…


Checking if server is ready to service requests… Done

illegal ds nameNetIQ eDirectory Server configuration failed.

Please make certain that you have provided complete and correct server, admin contexts .

Stopping the service ‘ndsd’…


ERROR: ndsconfig return value = 78.


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