7021292: SALT client no longer checks in with SUSE Manager

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SUSE Manager 3.1

SALT clients


Registering a server using salt works without noticeable problems and everything seems to work perfectly.
After a period of time the client (minion) looses communication with the SUSE Manager (master) server.
Ones the above problem is present the following error can be observed in the webui:

Specified SLS custom.custom_xxxxx in saltenv base is not available on the salt master or through a configured fileserver
This is indeed the problem, verifying the machine specific high state file is no longer present.
Upon registration the machine specific high state custom_xxxxx.sls file is created in ‘/srv/susemanager/salt/custom’, if the custom_xxxxx.sls disappears, the above mentioned error is seen in the webUI.


One possible scenario is that the /etc/machine-id’ has changed or is not present anymore.

In this case the file can be recreated and the machine-id stored in the SUSE Manager database can be used as the machine-id.
To see the machine-id in the SUSE Manager database login to the SUSE Manager webUI | Systems | select affected system | Details | Hardware | look for the machine-id value.


SUSE Manager relies on the machine-id in ‘/etc/machine-id’ to check if a Salt minion is already registered to the SUSE Manager server.

If the machine-id of the minion changes, SUSE Manager will try to register it as a new system. In this case the operation fails because there’s a database unique constraint on the hostname of the client which makes it impossible to register a server with the same hostname twice. The minion remains registered in the database (with the old machine-id), so everything appears to be fine in the SUSE Manager webUI.


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