7021395: IPMI stonith resource authentication fails

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SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension 11 Service Pack 4

SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension 12


When configuring an IPMI interface as a STONITH resource, the correct IPMI credentials do not authenticate.

The following error is reported in /var/log/messages on the affected node:

ERROR: error executing ipmitool: Authentication type NONE not supported Error: Unable to establish LAN session


Manually modify the cib to use “lanplus” rather than “lan” for the STONITH resource’s “interface” parameter.

hostname:~ # crm configure edit

primitive <resource name> stonith:external/ipmi

params hostname=<hostname> ipaddr=<IP Addr> userid=root passwd=<IPMI root pass> interface=lanplus

meta target-role=Started is-managed=true

operations $id=<my-id>

op monitor interval=3600 start-delay=15 timeout=20


The “lan” interface option for ipmitool submits IPMI credentials over clear text. Certain IPMI interfaces do not support these unencrypted authentication attempts. The “lanplus” interface type uses the RMCP+ protocol introduced with IPMI v2.0 which integrates with the openssl library to encrypt the IPMI authentication attempt.

Additional Information

On HAE for SLES12, the lanplus IPMI interface option can be configured for an IPMI stonith resource through HAWK, allowing you to choose between reconfiguring the resource using the web interface or manually changing this setting with crm configure edit.

Information regarding this stonith resource including necessary parameters can be seen via command line.

# crm ra info stonith:external/ipmi


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