7021444: Can’t view .pdf files from an iOS mobile device

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Filr 3.2.1

iOS 10.3.3


When viewing any Filr-based .pdf from an IOS mobile device, the following error is displayed:
“Unable to view file”
When you choose the option to “generate preview”, the error repeats.
The files can be viewed from the web interface.


This symptom can be caused by several problems. A common cause is the use of a self-signed certificate on the Filr Appliance when iOS requires a trusted authority certificate. Verify by testing a sample file on a setup with an “official” certificate. Micro Focus technical support can assist with this test.

If using a self-signed certificate is the cause, replace the self-signed certificate supplied with the Filr appliance with an “official” certificate from a trusted certificate authority. See the section on “Certificate Maintenance” in the Filr 3.2: Maintenance Best Practices Guide.

Additional Information

It is possible to open the PDF in Acrobat on the IOS device, however this requires more steps for the user.


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