7021459: Dynamic Local User policy user inclusions and/or exclusions not effective

Please note that the zenserverservice might need to get restarted on the different PrimaryServers since the web server keeps returning already cachedcontainment lookup group membership details.

This issue has been exhibited after adding a Open Enterprise Serverwith Domain Services for Windows configuration to an existingeDirectory tree and adding domain user group membership to existingusers.

Looking up domain user group details through a previous installedLDAP server fails in this case as domain user group are stored indomain containers which do not resolve in ZENworks. Domaincontainers are of object class Container, which is different to “normal”eDirectory containers (Country,Organization, Organization Unit…). The Container object class is not containedin the eDirectory specific ldap lookup filter used in ZENworks andso objects below such domain containers fails to resolve inZENworks.


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