7021720: How to Authenticate GroupWise Users to Active Directory using LDAP

1.Update to Retain 4.3. Previous versions of Retain do not have the ability to authenticate via LDAP with Active Directory. For previous versions, please contact support.

2.Go into the GroupWise module | Configure | LDAP

3.Fill out the LDAP information to connect to the Active Directory. Save the changes.

4.Stop the Retain-tomcat service.

5.Navigate to the [Linux]: /opt/beginfinite/retain/RetainServer/WEB-INF/classes/config directory.

[Windows]: C:Program Filesbeginfinite/retain/RetainServer/WEB-INF/classes/config directory.

6. Edit the file: misc.properties

7. Look for the lines that read:




8. Change the custom.ldap.enable=0 to 1

9. Change the custom.ldap.class line to:


10. Save the file. Restart Tomcat.


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