7022634: Redline Agent Does Not Start or Dependency Issue on libcrypto.so.09

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GroupWise Monitoring and Reporting (Redline) 4



When installing Redline a dependency error occurs

error: Failed dependencies:
libcrypto.so.0.9.8()(64bit) is needed by redline-4.1.0-1.x86_64
libssl.so.0.9.8()(64bit) is needed by redline-4.1.0-1.x86_64
The Redline rpm installs just fine, but the rlagent will not start.


SLES 12 SP3 updates all of the library files, including the ones that are needed by redline which causes dependency issues. To resolve these issues follow these steps:
Note: To start Redline on this version of SLES type in /etc/init.d/rlagent start (stop, restart).
If you are getting dependency issues during the installation:
1). Download the lib64openssl0.9.8-0.9.8-0.2 Then install redline.

2). Navigate to the /opt/beginfinite/redline/conf (Windows: C:Program FilesBeginfiniteredlineconf) and edit the file rlagent.conf

3). Remove the NEWINSTALL line from the file and save.
4). Start redline /etc/init.d/rlagent start
If redline did install without any dependency issues and the conf file does not contain the NEWINSTALL line, download the lib64openssl0.9.8-0.9.8-0.2 and start redline afterward. This is still a dependency issue missing that older library version required by Redline.
Future revisions of Redline will fix this problem.


Newer version of SLES with updated library files don’t work with the current version of Redline. Downloading the older libraries will allow Redline to work with this version of SLES.


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