Advisory – Higher than usual CPU usage by SophosScanD and SophosEventMonitor

In version 9.9.0 of Central Mac Endpoint, we introduced a change to our caching in order to improve performance after updates. We have had some reports and found some indications that some systems are seeing increased SophosScanD and SophosEventMonitor CPU usage, which is resulting in systems having less battery life, or slow performance.

These systems have been typically laptops running on battery (lower battery life) and Macs with non-solid state disks (slow performance).

Update June 21, 2019:

Central Mac Endpoint version 9.9.2 is rolling out from June 25-July 9. It contains changes which include reverting the caching to the 9.8.3 version and an improvement to SophosEventMonitor.

Applies to the following Sophos product(s) and version(s)

Sophos Cloud Managed Endpoint 9.9.0 (Mac)

Higher CPU usage by SophosScanD and SophosEventMonitor, resulting in reduced battery life and poor performance on spinning hard disk machines.

Fixed in version 9.9.2, releasing between June 25 and July 9, 2019.

Our software will update automatically when this is available. If you need a workaround ahead of these dates, please contact Sophos Support.

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