Advisory: Sophos UTM – Issue with RED 50 after upgrade to v9.6

An issue has been identified which affects RED 50 devices in UTM 9.6.

Applies to the following Sophos product(s) and version(s)

Sophos UTM

The UTM 9.6 release introduced a new unified RED firmware which, in some cases, causes RED 50 devices to incorrectly apply a new firmware image. This has resulted in the devices becoming unusable or ‘bricking’.

Currently, the unified firmware will only be applied to installations with fewer than 20 RED devices configured.

This issue was fixed with UTM 9.605.

Users who want to migrate to UTM 9.6 and are using RED 50 devices should take the following steps to avoid this issue:

  • Customer coming from pre-9.6 should update from 9.5xx directly to 9.605.
  • Customers from any previous 9.6 version need to update in one go to 9.605 ( update to latest in webadmin).

Background of this recommendation is that the available firmwares on the provisioning service include the fix but older firmwares delivered with older UTM versions prior to 9.605 still might cause this issue.


  1. Are any other REDs in danger of being bricked, or is it just the RED 50?

    This is only seen in RED 50 so far.

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