Central Update Caches failed to update since 12th November

Support received a number of reports from customers of their Central Update Caches failing to update after the 12th November.

This issue was caused by a missing file in the Sophos Warehouses – this was fixed at 09:30 GMT on the 13th November.

Update Caches and affected Endpoints should recover on their next update.

Affected customers will have seen that their Update Caches are marked as ‘Stale’ in Central and their Endpoints will instead update from Sophos rather than their local Update Cache.

Customers can confirm that they were affected by this issue by reviewing the downloader.log located in C:ProgramdataSophosUpdateCacheLogs. The below errors would be seen:

[2019-11-13T07:09:30Z] [<main>] Info: [Downloader::Impl::ProgressLogFunction:468] [I96736] sdds.WIN_MTR_1-0-1-44.1: adding primary package WindowsCloudMDR baseVersion=

[2019-11-13T07:09:32Z] [<main>] Error: [Downloader::Impl::ProgressLogFunction:471] [E83521] 404 Not Found: http://d1.sophosupd.net/update/catalogue/sdds.SSPL_telemsupp_1_0_0.1.xml

[2019-11-13T07:09:32Z] [<main>] Error: [Downloader::Impl::Synchronise:163] SULException: SU_synchronise failed: [4] unspecifiedFailure

For most customers the impact would have been minimal and Endpoints will fail over to download their updates from Sophos warehouses directly. For air-gapped customers their downloads would fail to complete and Linux Endpoints may report as out of date.

Applies to the following Sophos product(s) and version(s)

Central Server Update Cache 1.4.0

The warehouse has been republished and the issue should be resolved.

Affected customers should find that their Update Caches automatically recover from this issue on their next update.

No further updates are expected.

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