Sophos Anti-Virus for Linux and for UNIX: Communication with Sophos Update Server uses HTTPS by default

This article is to advise that Sophos Anti-Virus (SAV) for Linux and for UNIX will use TLS secure protocol HTTPS to communicate with the online Sophos Update Servers.

The following sections are covered:

Applies to the following Sophos products and versions

SAV for Linux 10.4.0

SAV for Linux 10.4.1

SAV for Unix 9.15.0

SAV for Unix 9.15.1

From version 10.4 and 9.14.2 of SAV for Linux, SAV will use the secure TLS HTTPS protocol for communicating with the configured Update Server. This also applies to Enterprise Managed and standalone installations of SAV for Linux and SAV for UNIX, where updates are configured to the Sophos online Update location.

If an HTTPS connection cannot be established after a 10 minute timeout, it switches back to an HTTP connection automatically.

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