Upgrade paths for SFOS when SFOS is managed by Sophos Firewall Manager or Sophos Central Firewall Manager

This article provides information regarding the upgrade paths for customers who update via SCFM/SFM.

Applies to the following Sophos product(s) and version(s)

Sophos Firewall Manager

Sophos Central Firewall Manager

Sophos Firewall XG Software

Sophos Central Firewall Manager/Sophos Firewall Manager

When updating from SCFM or SFM, the SCFM/SFM will display two versions you can update to.

The one version will be for the branch that you are currently in and the other version will be for the latest GA version made available by Sophos. Please review the table below:

MR Firmware Available GA Firmware Available
v15.01 Installations SFOS 16.01MR2 SFOS 17.1MR3
v16.01 Installations SFOS 16.01MR2 SFOS 17.1MR3
v16.05 Installations SFOS 16.05MR9 SFOS 17.1MR3
v17.0 Installations SFOS 17.0MR8 SFOS 17.1MR3
v17.1 Installations SFOS 17.1MR3 SFOS 17.1MR3
v17.5 Installations N/A SFOS 17.5GA


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