The status of the notification could not be updated.

Product: SQL Server Notification Services
Event ID: 6076
Source: NotificationServices
Version: 2.0.9999.9
Message: The status of the notification could not be updated.
This error occurs when the distributor is unable to write the delivery status of one or more notifications to the database.

The result of this error is that some notifications may not have their delivery status updated in the database, even though the delivery protocol reported their status to the distributor. The distributor work item to which the notifications belong might be marked as failed and might be set up for retry (if a retry schedule is specified). In the retry attempt, those notifications for which the distributor was not able to record status may be sent again, even though they might have been successfully sent before.

The two most likely causes are a SQL timeout or an error connecting to the database server. The event log entry contains details on the cause of the error.

User Action
Once this error occurs, it cannot be corrected for the particular notifications on which it occurred. However, do try to determine the cause of the error and take action to prevent it from occurring on future notifications.

If the cause is a SQL timeout, then there might be too much load on your SQL Server computer. If there are connection problems, verify that your SQL Server computer is running and that it is accessible from the distributor machine using the user name and password that the distributor uses.


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