Service stopped replication on volume

Product: Windows Operating System
Event ID: 2008
Source: DFSR
Version: 5.2.3790.1830
Message: Service stopped replication on volume

The DFS replication service is unable to replicate to or from the specified volume. Replicated folders on other volumes will not be affected but all replicated folders on this volume will not replicate until the issue is resolved.  If the volume being reported does not host replicated folders but hosts the staging folder(s) of one or more replicated folders, the associated replicated folders will not replicate until the issue is resolved.


This error can occur because the volume disk is full, the disk experienced a hardware error, or a quota limit has been reached. It can also occur if the DFS Replication service encountered errors while attempting to stage files for a replicated folder on the volume.

User Action

If a prior event pointing to a specific error on a replicated folder residing on the volume is reported in the event log, then the replicated folder error is the likely cause of this event as well.  However, you should also check for other causes. It is possible the disk is full or the quota limit has been reached on one or more replicated folders or one or more staging folders residing on the volume.  If this is the case, space needs to be made available on the volume or the replicated folder and/or staging folder must be moved to a different volume that has more space.

You can move the staging path to a different volume or to move replicated folder to a different volume using the Dfsradmin command-line tool as follows:

DfsrAdmin Membership Set /RGName:UserDC /RfName:Docs /MemName:contoso\srvr1 /LocalPath:C:\dc\Docs /MembershipEnabled:true /StagingPath:C:\dc\staging /StagingSize:10000 /CDSize:3500 /MembershipDFSFolder:\\data\docs /IsPrimary:true


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