Volume Shadow Copy Service error: Unexpected error calling routine %1. hr = %2.

Product: Windows Operating System
Event ID: 8193
Source: VSS
Version: 5.2
Message: Volume Shadow Copy Service error: Unexpected error calling routine %1. hr = %2.

This informational event is logged when the system starts in Safe Mode on a computer running Windows XP because COM+ is not enabled in Safe Mode or, occasionally, when antivirus and indexing programs open temporary files used by backup programs during backup.

This message also appears if there is a problem in the COM+ infrastructure, such as when the COM+ services are disabled or not registered correctly, or when a program such as FORMAT, CHKDSK, or Logical Disk Management opens a volume with an exclusive lock and the Volume Shadow Copy service cannot create a shadow copy.

User Action

If a program opened a volume with an exclusive lock, wait until the program finishes running and then try again.

To see whether there is a problem with the COM+ infrastructure, do one or all of the following:

  • In MMC, in the Services snap-in, verify that the COM+ services are enabled. If they are not, set EventSystem (COM+ Event System) and SENS (System Event Notification) to auto-start instead of to disabled.
  • Verify that the COM+ infrastructure is registered correctly. For more information about registering the COM+ infrastructure, see article 246499 in the Microsoft Knowledge Base.


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