SEPM Performance Issue

I need a solution

SEPM Slowness issue below:

System configuration:

SEPM Version – 14.2 RU1 build 3332

Operating System – Win2012 R2 on Hyper-V 2012 R2

SQL DB – SQL 2016 Built 13.0.1601.5  on Cluster. Both SEPM and Database are in same network zone.

Actions done till now to Rectify the Issue:

1) System Drive(C:/)- Increased from 40Gb to 199Gb

2) D:/(SEPM Installed)- Increased from 50Gb to 99.8Gb

3) ersecreg-a.  error logs  shows performance degradation was  because of VMware defect, hence check the configuration of the VM environment. Confirmed that the Server is a HYPER-V running on latest Updates.  (

4) Java Heap Size – Increased from 2048 to 3072 as SEPM runs on JAVA.    (

5) SEPM console was Reconfigured and connected to DB again

6) Windows SEP Clients pulling updates(Liveupdate frequency) changed from 2 hours to 4 hours and Linux SEP clients to get Updates through Reverse Proxy to 2 Hours.

7) JAVA Reinstalled and Updated to latest 8.0.1910.12

8) SEPM Update Interval – Changed from every 4 hours to 1 day to minimize the Liveupdate to fetch the updates from Symantec cloud between (Early 1:00AM to 6:00AM)

9) Windows and Linux servers Update Interval- Changed SEP Clients to take Definitions updates from the SEPM once in a day and try between (Early 2:00AM to 6:00AM) to minimize the Load on SEPM.

11) SQL profiler to run on the SQL DB server to check for the DB performance.  (“)



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SEPM DBA password change

I need a solution

(Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager 14.2)

I was trying to change the DBA password for the symantec SEPM according to link below using the “Management Server Configuration Wizard” but only to fail with following exibit. I need to know why this is hapenning. Please do reply if you have any thoughts about this.

(SEPM database is configured to use Sybase & this particular instance is the AWS marketplace image.)



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