RecoverPoint ReST API ( create bookmark)

Despite it’s simplicity this took ages get working, so thought I’d share it to save someone else the bother

Python script to create a bookmark:

#!/usr/bin/env python

from __future__ import print_function

from subprocess import CalledProcessError, check_output

from requests.packages.urllib3.exceptions import InsecureRequestWarning

import json

import requests


username = ‘<user>’

passwd = ‘<password>’

url = ‘https://<rpclustername>/fapi/rest/5_1/groups/bookmarks

headers = {‘Content-Type’: ‘application/json’}

data = {

‘bookmarkName’: ‘testbm4’,

‘consolidationPolicy’: ‘NEVER_CONSOLIDATE’,

‘consistencyType’: ‘CRASH_CONSISTENT’,

‘groups’: [1822429512]


data_json = json.dumps(data)

r =, verify=False, auth=(username,passwd), headers=headers, data=data_json)

This will create a crash-consistent bookmark called “testbm4” in the consistency group with id = 1822429512 (you’ll need to retrieve the appropriate consistency group id for your environment.

Note that the ‘groups’ parameter expects an array of group ids, even if there is only one as in this case, hence the [] around the id. If you want to create a parallel bookmark for two groups then the ‘groups’ parameter might look like this

‘groups’: [12345,67890]

but there are restrictions around this.


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How to configure Pre-loaded bookmarks in Secure Web

Preloaded bookmarks are set through SecureWeb Mobile App policies using the following syntax.

Syntax: “<Folder Name or path>”,<Friendly Name>, <URL>

If you have multiple bookmarks to set, you have to enter the bookmarks in triplets as defined in the syntax above with each triplet separated by a comma.

Below mentioned are few use-cases for preloaded bookmarks.

1) If you want to preload a bookmark in the bookmarks page itself rather than inside any folder:

Syntax: ,<Friendly Name>,<URL>

Example: ,Citrix,

In this example the bookmark is placed in the SecureWeb bookmarks directly and a friendly name Citrix is given to it.

Note: The initial comma is mandatory.

2) Quotes are not mandatory:

Syntax: <Folder Name>,<Friendly Name>,<URL>

Example: MyCorp Links,MDM logon,

In this case, bookmark is placed in the folder MyCorp Links, with the friendly name MDM logon.

3) Placing the bookmark in a nested folder.

Syntax: <Folder Path>,<Friendly Name>,<URL>

Example: “MyCorp Links/MDM”,”MDM Logon”,

Folder named MDM is created within the folder Mycorp Links and bookmark is placed with the friendly name MDMLogon.

Note: Bookmarks also work without friendly name as long as they are triplets.

<Folder Name>,,<URL>