Receiver for HTML5: IE and Firefox have no “Change Receiver” item to change to light version

1) Browse to C:inetpubwwwrootCitrixLemonStoreWebreceiverjs on the Storefront Server.

2) Copy/backup “ctxs.core.min_XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.js” file to another location.

For IE

3) Edit the original file and search for “isIE:function(){return this._userAgentContains(“MSIE”)||this._userAgentContains(“Internet Explorer”)||this._userAgentContains(“Trident”)},” and Modify it to look like “isIE:function(){return 0}

For FireFox

4) Search for “isFirefox:function(){return this._userAgentContains(“Firefox”)}” and modify it to look like isFirefox:function(){return 0 }​.

For Chrome

5) Search for “isChrome:function(){return this._userAgentContains(“Chrome”)&&!this._userAgentContains(“Edge”)}” and modify to look like “isChrome:function(){return 0}”

6) Reset IIS and propagate the changes.

7) Launch the browser and test.


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SEP ver 14.0.2349.0100 doesn’t connect to SEPM on MacOS High Sierra?

I need a solution

I don’t have many High Sierra machines so I haven’t noticed.  I was checking my Symantec management server and I don’t see the High Sierra machines there, but they do have SEP installed and that can pull updates.

High Sierra doesn’t work with ver 14.0.2349.0100 in terms of connecting to SEPM?

(I’ve tried Chrome and Internet Explorer…. If I choose Endpoint Management and then try to use the next dropdown box, nothing shows up in the dropdown box.  I can’t use it.  So I’m posting anywhere I guess….)



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ProxySG – Chrome Download behaviour

I need a solution

Hi All,

In ProxySG, We have configured the rule to block the exe based on the file extension and appreant data type. 

When user went to the and click download option , they able to install the chrome sucessfully. 

Am wondering how it’s not blocked since it’s excutable fille. I took the policy capture where specific rule is neglected as “n/a”.

Rule :

Soucre              Destination               Action 

Any                   File Type                    Deny

Snippet from Policy Capture:

  miss:     category=All_Global_Denied_URL
   n/a:     condition=__CondList1Org_Global_Deny_CD

Thanks in Advance….



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“Your connection is not secure” accessing in FireFox over IPSEC tunnel

I need a solution

We are unable to access most Google assets in FireFox when going through an IPSEC connection to the Cloud Security service.  Oddly, on the same machine using the same browser, and other Google sites come up fine using UA.

This is only an issue with FireFox via an IPSEC connection to WSS.

We do NOT have SSL inspection enabled on our WSS.

Chrome and IE are unaffected.



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IBM Daeja ViewOne Virtual with IBM FileNet Workplace Application Engine

Hello All,

We have a webservice which generates the link to the FileNet documents and sends them to other application to render the documents at runtime. Documents are getting rendered using ViewONE Standard with no issues. Now we got another application which uses Chrome and they wanted to render documents from FileNet and since Chrome dropped their support of NPAPI, ViewONE Standard doesn’t render the documents. We also have ICN where we have licensed for ViewONE Virtual. So wondering how could we use ViewONE Virtual to render documents in Chrome.


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IBM Web Push Notifications does not work on Chrome

I am configuring IBM Web Push Notifications.

The notifications are working on firefox, but not in chrome. ¿What could be the problem?

The browser does not have problem with the subscription. But when I send the notification. it never comes.

In the manifest.json I have this

“name”: “Push Notifications IBM”,
“gcm_sender_id”: “1067972133782”,
“permissions”: [

In the index.html

Hello World
test web push notifications

function myFunction() {
var bmsPush = new BMSPush()
function callback(response) {
var initParams = {
bmsPush.initialize(initParams, callback)
bmsPush.register(function(response) {


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