Error: “Cannot Complete Your Request” After Publishing New App or Customizing App’s Icon on StoreFront

If you experience the error after publishing a new application or customizing an application’s icon, check the event viewer on the StoreFront server and look for the following errors:

Event 1 = There was an error during a resources List request. System.Net.WebException, System, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089

The remote server returned an error: (500) Internal Server Error.

Event 7 = Unhandled exception thrown for route “DazzleResources/List” System.ArgumentException, mscorlib, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089 Offset and length were out of bounds for the array or count is greater than the number of elements from index to the end of the source collection.

The workaround is to go to Studio > Delivery Groups > Applications > view the properties of the application recently added > Delivery > Application Icon > Change and choose from any of the Citrix default icons.


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Reboot Schedule Doesn’t work for two Delivery Groups in XenApp

Use Case: “We have a schedule to restart the machines in the delivery group every Sunday. The problem is that a few machines don’t turn back on, others don’t even receive the command to turn off.”

Checking the Event Viewer logs in the Delivery Controller we see these errors:

Event ID 3105

Log name: Application

Source: Citrix Broker Service

Text: The Citrix Broker Service has terminated the processing of the GroupReboot for Desktop ‘[Delivery Group name]’ The reboot cycle UID = 999 ended with the final state ‘Abandoned’ Summary: ‘0’ machines successfully rebooted, ‘2’ machines failed to reboot. ‘1’ machines were not processed


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Error: “Your apps are not available at this time. Please try again” When Receiver Connects Through NetScaler Gateway

Solution 1

To resolve this issue change the beacon entries in StoreFront. Add the NetScaler Gateway addresses to external beacon.


External Beacon

If you want to use ICA proxy from internal and external connections (all clients should only go through NetScaler), then add a fake address in the internal beacon of StoreFront.

Note: The internal beacon should only be resolvable inside the network, if the beacon is resolvable externally then Citrix Receiver will not be able to add the account.

Solution 2

The issue relates to compatibility of Receiver 4.x and Web Interface XenApp services site. Receiver 4.x supports services sites but when connecting thru NS, users may experience issues as described in CTX136828 – Error When Using Windows Receiver PNAgent through Access Gateway Enterprise Edition Appliance.

Also note Citrix Documentation – NetScaler to Web Interface XenApp Services site is not supported.


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Access to a Citrix Knowledge Center Article is Denied

Citrix has introduced Customer Success Services that allow customers to see privileged Knowledge Center content. Contact your local Citrix Solution Advisor or call 1-800-424-8749 and listen for the option to contact the Sales department; they can help determine which program is right for you.You will continue to have access to certain content as per the matrix below.

Software Updates

Product Type Readme Visible to Download Available to
XenApp 7.X or Higher

XenDesktop 7.X or Higher

Provisioning Services 7.x or Higher

XenMobile 10.X or Higher
Public or Limited or Superseded All
  • Customer Success Services customers
  • Subscription Advantage customers
  • Partners
XenApp 6.X or Earlier

XenDesktop 5.6 or Earlier

Provisioning Services 6.x or Earlier

XenMobile 9.X or Earlier

Application Streaming (all versions)

EdgeSight (all versions)

Single Sign-On (all versions)

Secure Gateway (all versions)

Smart Auditor (all versions)

User Profile Management (all versions)

Web Interface (all versions)

CloudPortal Services (all versions)

CloudPortal Business Manager (all versions)

CloudPlatform (all versions)

VDI-in-a-Box (all versions)
Public All All logged in users
Limited or Superseded All
  • Partners
  • Customers with a TRM agreement

XenServer 7.1 LTSR Cumulative Update 1

XenServer CR release earlier to the latest CR release

XenServer 7.0 hotfixes released after 1 December 2017 (XS70E050 and later)

Public All
  • Customer Success Services customers
  • Subscription Advantage customers
  • Partners
XenServer (Other versions) Public All All logged in users

Citrix Supportability Pack

Readme Visible to Download Available to
  • Customer Success Services customers
  • Partners

Premium Content

  • Available to Customer Success Services Customers and Partner designated technical contacts on customer’s support entitlement.

Other Content Type

Type Readme Visible to Download Available to
Technotes All All logged in users
Tools All All logged in users
Learning All All logged in users
Security Bulletins All All


  • Available only to Customer Success Services customers.

For Application Networking Group products (such as NetScaler, CloudBridge, NetScaler (Access) Gateway, Communication Gateway, and Application Gateway), consider subscribing to the Citrix Appliance Maintenance program.


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Install and Use Citrix Files


Download the installer DMG. Open the installer package and follow the prompts to install Citrix Files. You will be required to provide an administrator password to complete the installation.

User-added image

After installation, a volume named “Citrix Files” will appear. You may access this volume by clicking on the ShareFile menu bar item and then clicking the folder icon. It will also appear in the Favorites sidebar in Finder windows. This volume displays all of the files and folders from your ShareFile account.

Sign in

User-added image

When starting the ShareFile Desktop app for the first time, you are prompted to sign in with your ShareFile Credentials.

Basic Operations

Citrix Files allows you to manage the files in your ShareFile account the same way that you would manage files normally through Finder.

Operation Description
Open and Edit

Double click on a file in the Citrix Files folder. Make any edits necessary and then save the changes.

User-added imageUser-added image
ShareFile uploads the edited file.

User-added image


Drag and drop file(s) or folder(s) from the Citrix Files folder to another folder on your computer.

User-added image
You may also copy and paste files and folders.


Drag and drop file(s) or folder(s) from the Citrix Files folder to another folder on your computer.

You may also copy and paste files and folders.

Delete Right click on a file or folder and select Move to Trash.

User-added image
You may also drag files and folders to the trash.

Drag and drop file(s) or folder(s) from one location in the Citrix Files folder to another.

User-added image

New Folder Create a new folder in Citrix Files folder.

User-added image

Icon Overlays

Files and Folders will have an icon overlay representing the status of that item. The following defines what each icon overlay represents:

User-added image

Right Click Menu

User-added imageUser-added image

When you right click on a file or folder within Citrix Files, you will see some additional options. These options give you access to the functions available in ShareFile for these items. Options will vary based on the types of files or folders you have selected, permissions, and account settings.

Operation Available For Description
Share Files and Folders Copy Link – Copies a ShareFile download link. Link settings will be determined by the Share options in your Preferences.

Email with ShareFile – Send a download link through email. Email options may be customized before sending, or by modifying default options in your Preferences.

Email with mail app – Opens the Mail app in Mac OS. A new message is generated that contains a ShareFile download link

Initiate Approval – (For a single file only) Initiate an approval workflow on a file
Request Files Single Folder Copy Link – Copies a ShareFile upload link. Link settings will be determined by the Share options in your Preferences.

Email with Citrix Files – Send a upload link through email. Email options may be customized before sending, or by modifying default options in your Preferences.

Email with mail app – Opens the Mail app in Mac OS. A new message is generated that contains a ShareFile upload link
Check Out Single File Check Out a file to prevent other users from making changes
View Details Single File or Folder View detailed information for a file or folder. The details window provides access to multiple file versions, notes, or checkout details
Refresh Contents Single Folder Folder contents should update automatically as changes are made, but you may refresh contents manually using this function

Additional actions are available under More Options.

User-added image

Operation Available For Description
Download Files and Folders For file(s) and folder(s), download allows you to download file(s) or folder(s) to a specific location on your computer.

Note: For improved performance, use this option for large file downloads or downloading a large number of items. These downloads are optimized for bulk operations and do not store data in the cache.
Upload Single Folder Right click on a folder and upload allows you to upload files and folders from a specific location on your computer.

Note: For improved performance, use this option for large file uploads or uploading a large number of items These downloads are optimized for bulk operations and do not store data in the cache.
Manage Permissions Single Folder Add users to a folder, modify folder permissions, and copy folder permissions from one user to another.
Add to Favorites Single File or Single Folder Adds the file or folder to the Favorites folder.
Preview Single File Stream a video file without downloading it (Available for .mp4, .ogg, .ogv, and .webm file types).

Menu Bar Icon

This icon displays the current status of Citrix Files. A spinner over the icon indicates activity.

Uploads in progress or edits that are being saved back to ShareFile will be indicated by a spinner. You will also see a spinner when navigating to a folder. The spinner indicates that the contents of a folder are being fetched and should appear after the spinner disappears.

User-added image


Clicking on the menu bar icon will open the dashboard.

Recent Files – Files that have been uploaded or edited will appear in the list of recent files. Double click on a file to open it.

Workflow button – Open up a window containing Workflows where you can view

Open Citrix Files Folder – Opens the Citrix Files location in Finder

User-added image

Overflow Menu

This provides access to Preferences, Send Feedback, Help Launch Website, and Quit.

User-added image

Provide a rating for the app and leave detailed comments.

Help – Provides links to support and legal resources. This menu also allows you to report a technical problem with the app to the development team.

Launch Website – Opens the ShareFile website.

Quit – Quits the App.

Preferences – Opens the Preferences for the App.





Log out – Logs you out of your account. Cached files are deleted

App Settings

Cache – Hover over the ? for details and cache usage

Clear Cache – This removes ached files

Reset App settings – Removes folder structure archive and cached files. Doing this will quit and relaunch ShareFile for Mac to please save any work before resetting

Uninstall – This uninstalls the application. Administrator permissions are required.

Share Options

Notifications – Set default notifications that are applied when sharing

Security – Set defauly security options that are applied when sharing

Open and Edit

Open and Edit has been tested with the following applications:

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader DC
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Keynote
  • Numbers
  • Microsoft Excel 2008, 2011, 2016, 2017
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2008, 2011, 2016, 2017
  • Microsoft Word 2008, 2011, 2016, 2017
  • Pages
  • Preview
  • Sketch
  • TextEdit

Other applications will be tested and fully supported during the course of the Beta program. Please report any issues you experience with open and edit.

Users are welcome to use ShareFile for Mac with any application, however when using applications that are not listed above, we recommend saving local copies before uploading to ShareFile until compatibility has been tested.

Feature Issue Workaround

Users installing for the first time on OS X 10.13 (High Sierra) will need to allow the kernel extension to load.

  1. Click Open System Preferences.
  2. Click Allow.

The app will finish launching automatically.

User-added image

Finder Folder names that contain an umlaut or an acute accent mark may appear twice in Finder.

User-added image

    Finder Some files may not display as expected in a folder. Right click on the context menu and select to refresh. If the folder content still appears incorrect there may be a problem with the folder structure archive. Open Preferences and select “Reset App Settings”.

    Copying and pasting content from one folder in ShareFile to another folder in ShareFile may be slow.
    Perform the copy operation from ShareFile WebApp.


      Quick look (preview) for files does not work unless the file has been opened previously.
      User-added image

      Open & Edit/Upload

      Uploads may fail for various reasons such as:

      • Network connectivity is down.
      • Permission to upload an item has been revoked.
      • Connection to ShareFile is lost.
      • If internet connectivity is lost, uploads will be retried automatically when connectivity is restored.
      • If an upload cannot be completed, it is moved to the recovery folder to prevent data loss. Click on the notification in the recovery folder.

      Warning – The document … is on a volume that does not support permanent storage.

      User-added image

      It is safe to ignore this message. Apple has a built in versioning system that is available on volumes with the Mac OS Extended (HFS+) file system. ShareFile for Mac mounts your ShareFile account as a volume that does not use this file system format and may trigger this message when closing applications. Versioning on documents is available with ShareFile’s own versioning option. To access other versions of a document, you may right click on a file in the ShareFile volume and select view details.

      Dismiss the warning message, and check “Do not show this message again” if desired.

      Upload Files that are embedded packages (.app, .pkg, .band, etc.) do not upload properly and may cause folders performance issues after upload. Compress these files to a .zip and upload the zip.

      Upload Opening a compressed zip file (or other file archive) within the ShareFile drive will fail if the compressed file contains folders. Upload the files and folders without compression.

      Citrix Files gives you access to the files on your ShareFile account by making them available as a storage drive (like an SD card or a thumb drive). This drive needs to mount itself into your Mac’s file system before files can be accessed from ShareFile. If the Citrix Files app experiences an issue with mounting, the app menu bar icon will show a warning symbol. You will need to ensure the drive mounts properly before you may use Citrix Files.

      Reconnect the Drive

      1. Click the Citrix Files menu bar icon.
      2. Click Reconnect.
      User-added image

      Relaunch the App

      You may need to relaunch Citrix Files app in case the app experiences an issue with mounting.

      1. Close any files that may be open in Citrix Files (Ex: You have opened a Word document in Citrix Files).
      2. Click on the Citrix Files menu bar icon.
      3. Click on (…).
      4. Select Quit.
      5. Open Citrix Files app in your Applications folder.

      Reinstall Citrix Files

      Citrix Files installs a kernel extension or kext to mount the drive.

      1. Click the Citrix Files menu bar icon.
      2. Click on (…).
      3. Select Preferences.
      4. Click Uninstall and Confirm.
      5. Download and install Citrix Files again.


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      Notice of Change Announcement for NetScaler SD-WAN 4000-SE (Standard Edition)

      Citrix Systems, Inc. announces End of Maintenance for NetScaler SD-WAN 4000-SE (Standard Edition) appliances.

      The tables below explain the Citrix NetScaler SD-WAN life cycle management milestones as well as important information regarding dates and options during this period. The dates and milestones provided are in accordance with stated End of Life/End of Support policies for Citrix Systems, Inc.

      Table 1. Milestones and Dates

      Milestone Definition Date
      Notice of Change (NSC) The NSC date is the date on which Citrix announces the intent to initiate the lifecycle management process for a hardware platform. May 15, 2018
      End of Sale (EOS) The date on which Citrix will no longer offer the product. June 15, 2018
      End of Maintenance (EOM) / End of Life (EOL) The EOL milestone signals the point at which no support or maintenance is provided. Product information will be limited to the historical material available on or other online resources and is subject to removal beyond this date. June 15, 2023

      Click here for the Citrix Product LifecycleMilestones Definitions.

      Products Affected

      The products affected by this announcement and their replacements are listed in Table 2 (below). The products listed in the Product Replacement / Alternatives column represent the migration path for these discontinued platforms.

      Table 2. Platforms affected by this announcement.

      Product Description Replacement / Alternatives
      NetScaler SD-WAN 4000-SE (Standard Edition) 4100-SE (Standard Edition)

      Customer Actions

      Citrix recommends that existing customers take steps to upgrade to the latest NetScaler SD-WAN platform so that they can take advantage of the upgraded features and performance. This will ensure the best transition of the product.

      For More Information

      For more information about the Citrix NetScaler SD-WAN, visit or contact your local Citrix sales representative / authorized Citrix business partner..


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      Citrix XenServer Security Update for CVE-2018-3639

      Customers wishing to expose the new host firmware functionality to their guest VMs should install both the Citrix XenServer hotfixes and updated host firmware or BIOS code. The locations of the Citrix XenServer hotfixes are listed below; Citrix recommends following your hardware supplier’s guidance for firmware updates.

      Citrix XenServer 7.4: CTX235133 –

      Citrix XenServer 7.3: CTX235132 –

      Citrix XenServer 7.1 LTSR CU1: CTX235131 –

      Citrix XenServer 7.0: CTX235130 –

      Note that, in line with previous issues that were not vulnerabilities in Citrix XenServer, mitigations are not available for versions 6.x of Citrix XenServer.


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      Hotfix XS70E057 – For XenServer 7.0

      Software Solution Disclaimer

      This package contains a software solution that has been replaced by a more recent version available for download from the Citrix support website ( It is provided merely for your convenience. Citrix recommends applying the most up-to-date version of the software, which addresses the fix or enhancement being targeted. Later versions of the release may include multiple changes that address different areas including security vulnerabilities, code fixes, and enhancements. Installation of this software should only be performed on test or developmental environments. This software is not supported and is provided “AS IS.” You are solely responsible for your selection and use of the software. Any reported issues will require the most current revision of the software ( Please visit our security site for additional security notices and information ( ).



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      Citrix Desktop service is not running or installed on the VDA

      VDA Registration fails due to the Citrix Desktop service is not running, properly installed, or the service permissions might not be set correctly. This issue can occur if the service is not started or the system Event Log has traces of service related issues.

      Note: If the Citrix Desktop Service is not present or running, the VDA can’t register with the Site, preventing users from accessing their applications and desktops.


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      VDA Cannot Communicate With Delivery Controllers

      To resolve this issue:

      1. If the communication between VDA and Delivery Controllers were set using

      a) Policy or Manually/Registry-based:

      • Verify the ListOfDDCs is not empty, and that the hostnames are correctly entered and can be resolved. To do this, you can ping each host name or use nslookup from the command prompt.
      • Value will be stored in:
      HKLMSoftwarePoliciesCitrixVirtualDesktopAgent (ListOfDDCs)


      HKLMSoftwareWow6432NodeCitrixVirtualDesktopAgent (ListOfDDCs)

      *For more information, see [Best Practices for XenDesktop Registry-based DDC Registration] ( in the Citrix Knowledge Center.

      b) Active Directory OU-based discovery:

      • Value will be stored in:
      32 Bit: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareCitrixVirtualDesktopAgentFarmGUID

      64 Bit HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareWow6432NodeCitrixVirtualDeskto pAgentFarmGUID

      *For more information, see [Active Directory OU-based Controller Discovery](

      c) Provisioned by MCS

      • The MCS process creates C:Personality.ini, containing a list of contactable DDCs in following format:

      [VdaData] ListOfDDCs=<FQDN of the Controller>

      2. Verify the VDA’s DNS settings are correctly configured so the Delivery Controller’s FQDN can be resolved from the VDA.

      3. Verify the network communication by pinging VDA from the Controller and vice versa.

      4. Verify the VDA and the Delivery Controller can communicate on the same port.

      5. Verify that any Delivery Controller host names in the Windows Hosts file are correctly entered and can be resolved. To do this, you can ping each host name or use nslookup from the command prompt.


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