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I am trying to get a single DQL for the following:

The table column is survey_report_number.

If attribute value matches column value execute

select company_name from dm_dbo.edms_shallow_hazard_view where region_code=’G’ and survey_report_number=’$value(attribute)’

If attribute value is null or doesn’t match column value execute

select company_name from dm_dbo.edms_shallow_hazard_view where region_code=’G’

Can we merge and formulate a single DQL?

Please post your response.

Thank you.



IPS signatures not updating – 14.0.1 RU1 MP1

I need a solution

Hey guys, we’re running SEPM v14.0.1 RU1 MP1.  Looks like the IPS signatures are not updating on over half of our clients for months now.  I’ve seen solutions offered to fix this by waiting for Symantec to release a hotfix, upgrading to the most recent version, and also running two SQL queries to check and repair the database since this problem arose from the introduction of a new column into the table between versions.  We’re running with an embedded database so I can’t run these SQL queries, and waiting on updates doesn’t seem to be doing the trick.  Does anyone else know of another method to fix this so the server displays the correct information?

Appreciate any feedback.



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