Can’t change Admin Passphrase after moving drive to new machine

I need a solution

I’ve got a 4 TB SSD that is encrypted with 10.4.2 (under Windows 10 as a secondary drive) with an Admin Passphrase of Password1 (which is also the passphrase of drive 0 too).  I’ve pulled the SSD from the original machine and put it in a 2nd machine (also under Windows 10 as a secondary drive).  The 2nd machine’s drive 0 Admin Passphrase is Password2.  The first machine no longer exists.  When Windows 10 boots on the 2nd machine, PGPTray prompts the password for drive 1, which I have to enter (Password1).  If it go into PGP Desktop, I can update the User password to Password2, but the Admin Passphrase remains at Password1.  If I add a new windows SSO user to both drive 0 and drive 1, I still get prompted for the Admin Passphrase on drive 1 (even though there is a SSO user present).

So how to I change the Admin Passphrase for drive 1 from Password1 to Password2, and get SSO to function with drive 1?  I know if I decrypt drive 1 (using Password1 as the Admin Passphrase), I can re-encrypt the drive with the new Admin Passphrase (Password2) and add the SSO user, but I don’t want to spend hours decrypting, then re-encrypting.

I’ve played around various switches on pgpwde.exe –change-passphrase, but I just don’t seem to be able to get the Admin Passphrase to change from Password1 to Password2.

Anyone have any ideas?



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Article Number: 476759 Article Version: 3 Article Type: Break Fix

NetWorker 9.0

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Java was updated to a newer version, and the new java path has not been updated in the Java Firewall rule in Windows Firewall.

Java has been updated to a newer version.

1. Edit the inbound Windows Firewall rule that allows the connection for java executables and update the path to reflect the new java path.


2. Add a new rule to allow java.exe in Windows Firewall using the following command:

netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name=”Java – Allow with Networker 9″ dir=in action=allow program=”%PATHjava.exe” enable=yes

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