SEP 14.2 Unmanaged – Trial License expiration?

I need a solution

Currenlty, I am running SEP 14.2 Unmanaged and would like to know if what will happen to some components if my Trial expires?

I heard that Download Insight or Cloud File Reputation Lookup will be disabled.

But what about Auto-protect? Will Auto-Protect be disabled as well?

Will I still get LiveUpdates as well?

I only need the basic components, especially Auto-Protect. The Cloud File Reputation Lookups not really needed since I do not download a lot of  files or programs on my system.

Have attached a print screen on what might get disabled when the Unmanaged version Trial expires.



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SEPM views not displaying

I need a solution

Hi, we are running SEP14 in our environment. The SEPM is hosted by another service provider. The issue we are having is that when on the internal network, we cannot view the Home, Monitors and Reports tabs when trying to log in. We have confirmed that port 8445 is open. We have also tried with the java console. Still no luck. When not on the internal network, everything works fine. May you please assist us with ideas on resolving this issue.

Thanks in advanved,




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License Requiements for Endpoint Unmanaged Clients

I need a solution


What are the license renewal requirements for managed vs unmanaged clients?

I have the following 3 seperate requirements…

  • System A – 10 clients managed via SEP manager
  • System B – 35 unmanaged clients. AV defs updated manually.
  • System C – 12 unmanaged clients. AV defs updated manually.

For the unmanaged clients (B+C), do I have to renew any license annually?




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Re: How do I retrieve host LUN ids using Powershell?


By powershell do you mean UEMCLI?

The command you are looking for might be:

uemcli -no /stor/prov/luns/lun show -detail

Check the line that reads “Host LUN IDs” and the line above that.

You can filter also for what you need only. Example:

uemcli -no /stor/prov/luns/lun show -filter “ID,Name,LUN access hosts,Host LUN IDs”

Sample output:

ID = sv_xx

Name = Test_LUN

LUN access hosts = Host_13, Host_14, Host_9, Host_10

Host LUN IDs = 7, 7, 7, 7

So from here you get what hosts can see a LUN, along with the Host LUN ID they are mapped with.

If you need to see it the other way around (from the host side, not LUN), then try the host command:

uemcli -no /remote/host show -detail

The filter option can also be used here.

All these outputs are based on Unity OE 4.4.1, so if you are running dated versions, you may not have some options.

Hope this helps.

Andre @ Dell EMC

If this answered your question, please remember to mark this thread as resolved/answered, so it can help other users.


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Re: Centera SDK: no primary cluster

Hi, We recently deployed the centera SDK and the application to a new server and are getting an unfamiliar error.

We can currently run the code form existing servers without issues, but on the new server we get this:

30 May 12, 17:18:13,689 [Thread-58] ERROR CenteraUtils- FP Library Exception: Cannot Open Connection

com.filepool.fplibrary.FPLibraryException: no primary cluster found

at com.filepool.fplibrary.FPPool.<init>(Unknown Source)

at com.scottrade.migration.centera.CenteraUtils.connect(

at com.scottrade.performers.base.ContentMigrationPerformer.start(

at com.scottrade.performers.base.ContentMigrationPerformer.process(

at com.triteksol.performers.framework.Runner2$


The environment variables and node are the same. When first installing the SDK we did get an unfamiliar error with JCenteraVerify and JCASScript which we thought may have been firewall related, but we are able to telnet using both ports 3218 and 3682.


************** Start of JCenteraVerify log ******************


——————— General information ———————–

Time: Wed May 23 11:43:39 EDT 2012

Tool Version: 3.2.23

SDK Version: 3.2.705

——————— User configuration ————————


Number Of Files: 3

FileSize (KB): 1, 10, 100

Working Dir: ./Temp

Restore Dir: ./Temp/Retrieve

Log File: /opt/app/Trex4/Centera_SDK/JCenteraVerify.log

Delete temp Files: false


Number of Retries: -1

Retry Sleep: -1

—————– JCenteraVerify test results ——————-



Unable to run: No active pool connection to continue..


***************** End of JCenteraVerify log ****************


[ecmadmin@qsintlxecmfe001 Centera_SDK]$ java -jar /opt/app/Trex4/Centera_SDK/JCASScript.jar


Attempting to connect to:

SDK Error Occurred:

Error Number: -10020

System Error: 0


Error Class: Network Error

Trace: ClusterCloud::getPrimaryCluster(0)<FPPool::Open(<_FPPool_Open(<FPPool_Open8(

If anyone has Ideas I would greatly appreciate it. In previous environments all our problems were UnsatisfiedLinkErrors, which as soon as we solved, everything worked. Currently we’re just going to try to reinstall and see what that does, but I figure I’ll post this here in the mean time just in case.