Updating the Windows ClearCase ALBD password

In any IBM Rational ClearCase environment that uses Microsoft Windows,
ClearCase requires a Windows user account to start the ClearCase Atria
Location Broker Daemon (ALBD) service. This article explains one way of
changing the ALBD password, which you typically must do frequently for


An easy way to provision and invoke actions in IBM OpenWhisk

IBM OpenWhisk is a
simple open source service that rapidly launches and runs code tidbits on-demand, in
response to an incoming REST request. In this tutorial, learn how to issue OpenWhisk
commands manually. Then see how to use a Python library that
makes it even easier to issue those commands.


What dir should I deploy Rails apps into?

What would be a reasonable and logical directory into which to deploy my production Rails apps on a Linux system?

Some candidates…

/var/rails  <= There's a /var/www so this would be consistent with that 
               pattern. But I.T. guys have complained about stuff in /var 

/home/my_home_dir/rails  <= OK, not /var, but I'm not the only developer. 
                            Seems like it really ought to be a systemwide

/home/rails  <= I don't know. That just seems weird.

/rails  <= Seems even weirder.

What is the least astonishing, most normal thing to do here?

(Background info — a Rails app is a bunch of server side code written in Ruby along with a public dir containing JavaScript, CSS, and maybe a little HTML. The public dir is mapped to an Apache vhost. Apache handles the Ruby code through a module called Passenger or mod_rails.)

Thanks for the help, all. I think I’m going to go with /opt/deployed_rails_apps. (I like long, expository directory names, and tab completion.) /var/... is also a good place, but I’ve gotten stern grumbling from I.T. when I tried to deploy stuff there. If it were my own machine I might go with /var or /srv.