Disable Symantec Endpoint Protection grayed out

I need a solution


I have an UNMANAGED SEP client (14.2.770.0000) in Win 7 Ultimate machine. There are 2 users on this PC – and admin and a standard user.

How do I allow the standard user to Disable Symantec Endpoint Protection from the notification area? It’s currently grayed out. Only admin can use it.

I was able to do it in the past, but cannot recal how.

There is no SEP Management console.




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LiveUpdate Administrator with SEPM

I need a solution

Hi all,

I’m working on a new implemenation of SEPM (14.0.1) along with SEP 14.0 (14.0.3897.1101).

I am unable to allow the SEPM server to connect to Symantec LiveUpdate due to network restrictions so I’ve implemented an LAU server with the hop i could use it to download the required updatees and then use SEPM to distribute them to the clients.

I thought we had this working in that the LAU server is able to download the content and I seem to be able to configure SEPM to download them from LAU by configuring the site LiveUpdate settings to Use a specified internal LiveUpdate server and (after some experimentation) using the URL http://IP OF LAU:7070/clu-prod. I have LAU setup to not require and testing and once I run distibution the downloaedd content ends up in that folder… all good…

However when I run Download LiveUpdate Content I get a screen full of No updates found for…. messages, in the last few days of working on this issue (the system is currently in our Test/Dev enviroment not live) I have had the system download a few files but it isnt consistent and if I alter the settigns I get Error-4 so I’m fairly certain I am accessing the folder.

I’d hoped this wa just an issue with the the products I had LUA setup for but I’m now not sure thats the issue, my clients are all running a 32Bit version of the above on Windows 7, these are locked down devices so there is little variation, I  have tried a couple of products:-

Symantec Endpoint Protection 14.0 (english only)

Symantec Endpoint Protection 14.0 RU1 (english only) although I noted that this version is later described as Advanced Endpoint protection ?

I’m also a little concerned that in all the efforts to get this working i have soemthing out of synch as on the home screen the Latest on Manager is showing 17/09/2018 despite me having cleared out the downloaded files a number of times, is theer a way to intitalise the system without tearing it down and deleting the SQL DB ?

Any help or suggestiuons greatly appreciatyed 🙂



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How to Enable STA Logging on the STA Servers only in XenApp Environments

This article describes how to enable Secure Ticket Authority (STA) logging on the STA servers only in XenApp environments.


  • Secure Gateway or Access Gateway

  • Web Interface


There are issues when an SSL Error is displayed to a user when attempting to launch a published application through Secure Gateway or Access Gateway (when used as a Secure Gateway replacement). Sometimes this occurs when Secure Gateway or Access Gateway has trouble performing the STA ticket validation with the STA server.

Note: Refer to the Secure Gateway or Access Gateway Administrator’s Guide for the application launch process.

To determine whether the Secure Gateway or Access Gateway is able to successfully perform the ticket validation to the STA server, detailed logging can be enabled on the STA servers.


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Symantec Endpoint Protection Remote Console on Server 2016

I need a solution


I got an issue with the ‘Symantec Endpoint Protection Remote Console’ on a Server 2016 RDS server where we publish all our admin tools.

During the installation I got the error below, but everybody that uses the application gets this error aswell on launch the first time in the session.

Logging out and logging back in again produces the error again and again.

Shortcut error

Anybody knows a solution for this?

We are using latest Windows patches and using the java version provided with SEPM.

Thanks in advance!



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Symantec Enpoint Protection Manager

I need a solution

Hello everyone,

I want to provide our Server with Symantec Endpoint Protection via the SEP Manager Software.

The Remote-Push Function is working just fine for me.

Here my Problem/Question:

After the SEP Installation i can either restart the Servers right now or they will be restart after excatly 1 day.

Is there any way to get rid of the automatic restart after 1 day?





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