ANOUBIS LIMITED clothing line from Finland starting sale on Kickstarter

Anoubis Limited is a clothing line from Finland integrated with Hyperledger security technology to prevent piracy and fake production. The founder team was facing a global issue on counterfeit products as in 2018, the counterfeit product market reached over $1.2 trillion. Anoubis Limited founders decided to enhance the clothing industry with protective technology such as Hyperledger which does not allow data manipulations, is transparent and open to the public.

Each clothing product of Anoubis Limited is unique, has a unique ID and is registered in Anoubis LimitedHyperledger system. Once the product is purchased, the owner will register the product under his/her own name. Scanned registered products will show in the Anoubis Limited app and will be identified as verified and real products. Since every product has a unique ID and is linked with the app from the very beginning of the manufacturing process, it makes it impossible for Anoubis Limited clothing to get pirated because the IDs cannot get copied.

Anoubis Limited is not just about the technology after all. The startup put a lot of time and effort into designing the unique concept of Leopard and Snake which represents the current society and issues we face in today’s world.

Additionally, Anoubis Limited manufacturing process is certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), meaning that our fabrics are made of organic raw materials, and no hazardous chemicals are used in any manufacturing process. This way, startup minimizes environmental impact and protects nature, factory and farm workers and consumers from harmful chemicals.

Anoubis Limited is launching on April 1 on Kickstarter. The startup aims to raise a minimum of 10,000€ in pre-orders for their brand. It’s truly a revolutionary clothing line with smart authentication tech that could become the industry standard in premium clothing. For more information about the company visit


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